My Mom’s New Organized Closet

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Last week, I shared our process of installing peel and stick wallpaper in my mom’s guest room closet. It turned out so adorable and was just the pop of color this closet needed. But just because this closet was looking super cute, it didn’t mean it was functional. That is, until I installed a Rubbermaid FastTrack closet organization system to bring this space to a new level. How to install peel and stick wallpaper

Before we get to the gorgeous after photos of this closet, let’s backtrack a bit to what this space looked like before.

Guest Room Closet – Before

Guest room closet before

Here’s the sad state of this closet before I got my hands on it. My mom used it to store random items and it wasn’t super functional…with just one bar and a shelf running across. Since Finn and I are now living here while our house is renovated, I knew we’d need to add more storage to this closet for all of our clothing. Selfishly, I wanted it to be nice for our time here, but I also wanted to give my mom a closet she could use for the long haul. So it needed to work for now and for later.

Empty the closetWe emptied the closet, removed the doors (temporarily), removed the shelf and rod, patched the holes, and gave it all a quick coat of primer. Then it sat empty for a few weeks while I plotted out my design plan. Adding peel and stick wallpaper to a closet

As you saw last week, we added this gorgeous NuWallpaper and it gave this space a new life! But here’s what it looked like after I installed a Rubbermaid FastTrack closet organization systemRubbermaid closet organization system

Finding the Right Closet Organization System

Even though this closet isn’t a walk-in, it’s actually quite spacious at 82 inches across. Because I wanted to stay on budget for this DIY project, I checked out the wide variety of organization systems available at Lowe’s. I was immediately drawn to the Rubbermaid collection because of the customization options, the great price points, and the fact that it looked super easy to install by myself!Using the rubbermaid design tool

I played around with the Rubbermaid Closet Designer tool to plan out the closet with my mom. We sat down and discussed what she would want to store in here long after Finn and I have moved out. We ended up choosing this layout above with hanging room, as well as upgraded shoe storage and drawers. Pricing for Rubbermaid closet system

The tool then gives you a list of everything you need and you can buy it right then and there on That’s exactly what we did and a few days later, we headed to our local Lowe’s to pick everything up!
Installing a rubbermaid closet organization system

The installation of the RubberMaid FastTrack White Wire Closet Kit was actually incredibly easy – in principle. But since I was installing it solo, I did run into a few issues. Most notably, holding up the metal rail to add screws all the way across and keeping it level. It was comical, but I got it all done in an afternoon by myself. I would suggest installing a closet of this size with a buddy. You’ll speed right through it and your arms will be less sore than mine are right now.

New Organized Closet

Organized guest room closet space

Here’s this beauty all filled up! I can hardly believe how much better it is with the wallpaper and the Rubbermaid closet organization system.

Drawers and shoe organizer in a rubbermaid closet

Plus, it holds tons! From shoes, to purses, to luggage…there is now room for all the things. Of course, these photos show it all “styled” but it’s currently filled with my clothing and Finn’s clothing for the summer and everything is organized and has a place to call home.

Closet Upgrades

Shoe organization system from Rubbermaid

The closet upgrades make all the difference in this room and really make it look high-end. I love the Rubbermaid FastTrack Wood Shoe Unit to store shoes. It’s pretty and displays shoes nicely, but it’s also waaaay better than cramming a bunch of shoes at the floor of the closet. No, thank you! This makes it feel like you’re shopping in a store when you choose your shoes in the morning. White drawers from Rubbermaid

The Rubbermaid HomeFree Series Wood Drawer Unit was another great addition to the closet. I’m currently storing socks and underwear in here, as it’s a convenient spot to keep small items organized. The kit includes both drawers and they weren’t difficult to put together (tip: use a drill to speed things up!).

Baskets GaloreAdding baskets to the closet

I got all of the baskets and hangers from Lowe’s too! I always opt for velvet hangers because they make the space look streamlined and you can pack in more clothing. Plus, non-slip is an absolute must! This Honey-Can-Do 50-pack is perfect to get any closet organized. Linen boxes from lowe'sUp top, I opted for these slim Allen + roth linen fabric bins in the cream color. Wicker baskets

On the shelves, I added two RGI HOME natural fiber baskets. These bins are huge and sturdy and I want to buy 10 more for my own house! They’re so deep and can hold tons of stuff, yet they look so stylish in any closet. Love the texture and warmth they bring.

Budget BreakdownInstalling a new closet organization system from Lowe's

Okay, let’s talk about budget because that’s the number one question I got when I showed you the install of this closet on Insta Stories. Guys, it was incredibly affordable!

Because I did the custom closet with the designer tool, I did pay a little more to get it fit exactly to my space. The closet organization system was about $350 and then another $100 for the baskets. A brand new closet under $500? I’ll take it!

Curtain rod from RubbermaidBut if I had to do it all over again, I would have opted for the Rubbermaid FastTrack White Wire Closet Kit and then purchased the drawer and shoe upgrades separately. This closet kit is only $179 for the 6-10ft system and they sell an even less expensive 3-6ft system and 4-8ft system, depending on the size of your closet. You can still create the exact look you want, putting the rod and shelves anywhere in the closet (they’re all adjustable!). Plus, the install is even easier than mine because you don’t have to have any shelves cut at Lowe’s (even though they do cut them for free. It will save you one trip to the store!). Adding baskets and drawers to a closet

My plan is to use those Rubbermaid FastTrack Closet Kits in the new house as I make every closet more functional for our family. I really like the fact that every shelf can be adjusted, so if you get a new basket that is a little smaller or bigger, you can easily move the shelf up or down on the track.

Before and After

Let’s do one more before and after of this space!

Guest room closet before

Organized closet

Before adding peel and stick wallpaperOrganized guest room closet spaceCloset beforeHow to install a closet system

We put the doors back on the closet (I left them off for the photos) and it’s still looking so freakin’ good. Can’t believe what a few hours of hard work can do for a space.

Shop the Closet

Organized guest room closet space






















NuWallpaper (this post has install tips) // RubberMaid FastTrack White Wire Closet Kit // Rubbermaid HomeFree Series Wood Drawer Unit // Rubbermaid FastTrack Wood Shoe Unit // RGI HOME Natural Fiber Baskets // Allen + Roth Linen Fabric Bins // Honey-Can-Do 50-Pack Hangers

If you have a closet in need of some TLC, I urge you to take an afternoon and give it some love. Whether it’s adding a colorful wallpaper or installing a closet organization system, you will be so much happier when you open those doors each day. Trust me.


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