Favorite Home Items We’ve Had for Years and Still Love

Some of our favorite blog post ideas come from you guys. Like when we chatted about the city vs the suburbs or how we make time for DIY projects. Today’s topic is another reader request…favorite home items we’ve had for years and absolutely love! 

As you guys know, we’re both big purgers. So if we don’t love an item, it will probably make its way out our door within a few months. Not to mention, it most certainly won’t survive either one of us moving into a new space. But there are some items we’ve had for years that always make the cut when it comes time to take inventory of our stuff.

We each walked around our homes and made note of some of our favorite home items we’ve had for years…

Casey’s Favorite Home Items

When you live in a 2-bedroom home, you’ve gotta be very selective about what you bring into your space. If an item doesn’t work for us, then it’s usually brought back or donated fairly quickly. But these home products have stood the test of time in the Finn household.

Textured White Duvet

I’ve had this white duvet from West Elm since we lived in St. Louis…which was about 5 years ago. I absolutely love this duvet and recommend it to anyone who is updating their bedding. I think texture on a duvet cover is always a good idea because it never looks wrinkly, and you simply can’t go wrong with classic white. All of the textured duvet covers from West Elm are a good buy in my opinion. 

I wash my duvet once every couple months and you can check out this post for my tips on easily getting the insert inside (the worst part about washing it!). My duvet still looks good as new after all of these years, but I do wish it had a zipper closure instead of buttons. I’ve had a button or 2 fall off, and I think a zipper would just keep things looking a tad cleaner. But…still an amazing buy!

Classic White Dishes

When Finn & I got married almost 4 years ago, we put lots of kitchen items on our registry. Not because we’re huge cooks, but because our old stuff was pretty terrible. We picked out these dishes from Crate & Barrel (the “Hue” line) and I’ve never looked back. I absolutely love the size and quality of these and we haven’t had a single dish break. How is that even possible?

Here are the exact ones we have…

If you’re getting married, you can’t go wrong adding these dishes to your registry. The white is a classic choice and will never go out of style!

Gray Quilt

Back to the bedroom for another bedding staple we’ve had for many years…this gray quilt from Target. I bought this quilt years ago, yet it still works well at the end of the bed in our master. I have noticed that Target has changed the pattern on this over the years, but I always still like it. The pattern on this one isn’t the exact same as mine, but it’s still really good! Whenever I nap, I always use this gray quilt because it’s heavy and warm. Does anyone else nap on top of their made bed? Finn thinks I’m crazy, but I think it feels so luxurious to lay on top with a quilt over me. The ultimate afternoon treat.

Geometric Plant Stand

Guys, I can’t tell you the number of questions I’ve gotten about this plant stand. Whenever I post a photo of our family room on Instagram, at least one person asks me where it’s from. It truly is an awesome piece! 

I remember when we first got it (over 2 years ago), I was a little nervous to move forward because it seemed a bit pricey for a planter. Boy, was I wrong. This planter is the perfect size (we have the large), quality, and it adds so much to our family room space. As long as it still looks good, I’ll always find a place for this planter in our house.

Marble Fruit Stand

This is another item from our wedding registry that I absolutely adore. I’m not one for displaying too much stuff on your kitchen counters, but when you have a pretty piece like this…it’s well worth it to make some room. This marble stand could be used for many things in the kitchen, but we use it for all of our fruit. It classes up the kitchen, detracts from our dark countertops, and is the perfect size for our weekly haul of fruit!

Bridget’s Favorite Home Items

Like Casey, we don’t keep things around that we don’t absolutely love. Our recent move encouraged us to purge even more than usual and since moving into our new house, Matt and I are both very conscientious about what we bring into our home. We want to invest in quality pieces that are so “us”… even if it takes awhile to find the perfect piece. Here are some of the pieces that survived the move because we love them so much.

Neutral Rug

office rug we love

I’m literally obsessed with the rug we bought for our office in our old house. The price is amazing and this print magically works in just about any space. We brought this rug over from our old house and now it sits under the couch in the basement. But I loved it so much (and loved the price tag even more) that I bought a 10×14 rug for our family room and I am equally in love with it.

family room rug we love

You can’t beat a rug this big for right under $300!! I highly recommend this rug for literally any space in your home!

Leather Pouf

leather pouf we love

I also love this leather pouf I scored at HomeGoods a few years ago (almost identical one here). Like the rug, this leather pouf can work in a lot of different spaces and pairs well with a wide variety of colors.

leather pouf we use and loveWe’ve used it in our office, our bedroom, and now in our living room. It’s where we kick our feet up, but it’s even doubled as a “chair” when we have a big group of people over.

Dining Room Chairs

Although our dining room now looks very different from the dining room in our old house, our dining room chairs work in both spaces! I love that they have a low profile so that you can see over the table.

dining room chairs we loveI also love the color, style, and even their comfort. I’m still so happy I switched out our old, dark chairs for these ones because we’ve gotten so much use out of them and I love them so much more!

Round Mirrors

I guess I never realized how much I love a round mirror until I this post. I started going through some of our old photos and quickly realized, whoa… I have more round mirrors than I realize. But the truth is, I love every single one of them!!

round mirror in the bathroomIf you’re looking for a statement piece that can go in every (and any!) room, think about investing in a round mirror. I bought this one for our bathroom in the old house. It was the only piece I was sincerely sad to leave there! It was pricey, but such a high-quality, heavy mirror. The chrome finish was perfect and the size was so good.

round mirror in the bedroom we love

This next one is also one of my favorites because of the brass finish and the amazing price tag! It’s much lighter in weight and has more of a flat profile compared to the bathroom one, but it’s seriously one of my favorite pieces. I’m definitely going to find a home for it in our new house, I just haven’t found the perfect spot….. yet! Heck, we love this mirror so much we used it in this bedroom makeover and this one too.

nursery mirror we loveAnd last but not least, I got this black one for the nursery and, you guessed it, I’m obsessed. Seriously though, what is my deal with round mirrors?! And more importantly, why haven’t I noticed this obsession before today!?

Neutral Canister

This one is so tiny, but because I love it so much, I had to add it to my list. See that canister on top of the toilet? Yea, it’s amazing! I hide an extra roll of toilet paper in it and love that it’s functional yet still stylish. We used it at our old house and still use it here in our new house.

canister we loveI bragged about it so much that Casey bought one for her bathroom too. I think it’s really supposed to be used in the kitchen, but I can’t seem to ditch it in the bathroom. However, there’s still hope because I eventually plan on adding more of these neutral and pretty staples (they come in a few more colors/sizes) to our kitchen after the makeover. Hello, open shelving!

Now we would love to hear from you! Do you have any items in your home that you’ve had for years and still absolutely adore? Share the scoop on your favorites.


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