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I always LOVE to hear what other families do when it comes to gift giving traditions around the holidays. Do you buy for everyone in your family? Do you do a secret Santa? A grab bag? Do you make wish lists or is everything a surprise? Hearing everyone’s unique holiday traditions are so fascinating to me.

Holiday Gifting Traditions

Our family’s gift-giving traditions have morphed a little as we have gotten older. Growing up we received gifts from Santa and a few from our parents and we always bought gifts for one another (both for my sisters and parents… even if it was a $2 trinket from Santa’s workshop at school).This christmas scene has all the essentials; stocking stuffers, presents, and a warm winter blanket.
As a kid, getting these gifts was so fun, but picking out the “perfect gift” for everyone in the family was even better. Watching each person unwrap the gift I had chosen for them made Christmas morning extra special.

My Favorite Part of Christmas MorningWrapped presents under the tree with white bows and gray plaid wrapping paper.

Years and years later, this is still one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning. Although over the past few years, our tradition has changed just a tad. With marriages and babies, our group is growing, so instead of buying for my parents, sisters, and brother-in-law, we have strayed away from buying for everyone.

Instead, we secretly assigned each person someone else in the family to buy for (and the limit for the gifts was usually quite a bit higher since you were the only one buying that person gifts). Instead of trying to find all of these different gifts, we were able to focus more on just one person. That was fun for a few years, but we did miss that excitement of giving to every person and watching their reaction. And that’s why we have decided to change it up a little this year.

This Year’s Gifting Challenge

We are going to buy for everyone in the family, but are making the price tag for each gift under $25. That way no one is breaking the bank, yet we still have the chance to look for that perfect something and watch their priceless reaction.This great collection of gifts are all under $25! They make the perfect little stocking stuffers for christmas morning.
I figured today I would highlight gift ideas for under $25 for the different personalities on my list. (And don’t worry, I asked them not to read this post today so nothing was spoiled!).

Gift Ideas Under $25Looking for some presents and stocking stuffers that are budget friendly? All of these gifts are under $25 so they're the perfect solution.

I hit up Marshalls for most of my shopping because I could get the most bang for my buck. Twenty-five dollars can go quickly, but at Marshalls, I felt like I was able to get a substantial gift for that price tag. Here are the stocking stuffer items I found for just about everyone in the family… all for under $25!

My Stylish HusbandThese $10 dress socks are the perfect gift for a stylish man in your life.

One thing that Matt loves is colorful dress socks and one thing he needs is a new toiletry bag. He’s been traveling a little more with his speaking company and always finds himself scrambling at the last minute to pack what he needs. Marshalls had so many options so I grabbed a few pairs for $10… I know he will love them!

My Fashionista SisterNail polish packs are perfect for a fashionista in your life. Go with colors - like classic red - that will be in style all year.

For my fashionable little sister, I went with items that I know she’ll get lots of use out of. The collection of red nail polish provides colors that will last ALL year long, which is why I picked it out. Some packs come in seasonal colors, but I liked this one because it had a little bit of everything and won’t be “out of season” after the holidays. She also mentioned recently that she needs new makeup brushes so when I saw these super cute gold ones, I instantly thought of her. Maybe this year she’ll finally teach me some of her ways!

My ‘Never-Sits-Down-To-Relax’ SisterBath bombs with a lovely fragrance are the perfect relaxation incentive for the always-stressed sister in your family.

My older sister is a mom to a 1.5-year-old, but when she’s not playing mom, teacher, or varsity coach, you’ll probably find her running because she is currently training for her 3rd (!!) marathon of the year! Needless to say, Katie never sits down to relax so I picked out a few bath bombs to force her to take 5 minutes and actually RELAX for once.


My ‘I-Don’t-Need-Anything’ MomKeep you mom warm and cozy this winter with a warm candle and cable knit blanket to cuddle up on the couch with.

Like most moms, my mom NEVER asks for anything! I tried to create a “warm & cozy” theme so that she too can sit down and relax a little more than she does now (which, like my sister, is never). I bought her a candle and knit blanket with some pretty adorable pom-poms. And I also snuck in this knit hat that I thought was super adorable, versatile, and so her. She spends a lot more time playing outside in the cold now that she babysits her grandson, and now she can throw on this hat and be the cutest grandma ever… even though she already is!


Myself (Ha!) Treat yourself! Pick up self-care goods and needs for yourself, like shampoo and an extra phone charger for backup.

Please tell me I’m not the only one guilty of picking up a few items for myself when I’m out Christmas shopping? I spotted both of these items for such a great price that I decided to “treat” myself. I’ve actually been trying to commit to keeping my hair healthier this year by investing in shampoo that’s a bit nicer. When I saw this combo pack for under $25, SOLD. The long charging cord was another item that’s been on my shopping list for awhile. Matt and I have actually been sharing ONE phone charger for months so I was happy to finally splurge on my own… especially since it’s one that’s extra long and stylish, too.

Who’s on Your Holiday Shopping List?Who is on your shopping list? Find some great gifts at Marshall's for under $25 and keep the holiday traditions alive!

I still feel like this mini shopping spree is too good to be true since I’m pretty much done with my $25 gift list and I only went to one store! But I’ll take it. Now all I need to do is wrap these treasures up and sneak them over to my mom’s to put under the tree (another one of my favorite traditions). But first, I would love to hear all about what your families do for holiday gift giving. Do you buy for everyone? Just one person? Do you put a price limit on it? I want to hear all the holiday fun!A warm mug of coffee and a comfy blanket on the couch is the perfect way to stay warm on christmas morning.
*If you’re looking for more details on any of the items pictured here, be sure to check out the post I wrote over on Marshalls site later this month! I dove into the exact prices and details on what else you could pair with each product for gift ideas for everyone on your list.


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