Our New Home Security System

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Having Rory rocked our world in every single way. All of a sudden we had this sweet girl that we needed to protect and keep safe at all costs. I’ll admit, I didn’t ever think much about installing a home security system before her arrival. I figured with our video doorbell, smart outdoor lighting, and good locks on the door we were okay. But now that she is here, safety is a top priority for us.Figuring out our home security system

We knew we needed to add more home security as soon as possible and Finn started doing lots of research, as he likes to do! We weren’t super keen on the idea of a bulky old school security system that was hard-wired throughout the house with a super pricey monthly plan. Instead, we wanted an affordable home security system with smart technology.

Our Ring Home Security SystemMy new ring video doorbell

Because we love our Ring video doorbell so much (remember when I installed it back in this post?), we looked into the Ring home security system. Watching my home from afar with the Ring doorbellAfter reading more about it, we realized it was the best fit for our family. We already were using the Ring app to monitor our front door, so we could use that same app to secure our home.adding contact sensors to our home with the Ring home security system

I think what really sealed the deal for me was the ability to add on to our security kit. We opted for the 10-piece kit that includes everything you need to add sensors to multiple doors and windows in your home. Since we’re in the midst of a kitchen renovation, I didn’t want to add sensors to the door on the back of the house that we would soon be ripping out. Instead, we can wait until everything is finished and easily add all of the sensors to the doors and windows in the new kitchen! So, as we work on rooms in our house, we can keep adding to make sure every single spot is 100% secure!

The Installationring home security system contact sensors

The installation is super easy. You just follow the prompts in the app and stick the contact sensors on the doors and windows around your home. They wirelessly connect to a base station that has a siren on it. We put this base station on top of our hutch so it’s in the very center of our house.Ring keypad for home security system

We then have the keypad mounted in our front closet. This is what we use to arm and disarm our house when we leave. We actually just put it up using command strips instead of drilling it into the wall. You don’t even have to mount it to the wall if you don’t want to. You can just leave it out on your kitchen counter if that works better for your family! Or you can use the Ring app to arm and disarm the Ring alarm right from your phone. Motion detector

We added a motion sensor to the living room and we’ll eventually add one to our kitchen as soon as the remodel is finished. This one is placed in the corner of the living room, up high, towards the ceiling. Adding a home security system with motion detectorsJust like the door and window sensors, we just had to peel and stick it to the wall.

Ring Protect Plus PlanSensors on the doors

Although you can self-monitor with the Ring alarm, we opted for Ring’s Protect Plus Plan that costs $10 a month. This includes video recording from our Ring doorbell, so we can always go back and review any footage on there. It also includes 24/7 professional monitoring of our alarm system. If the system detects an issue, we’ll receive a call to ask if we need an emergency response. If we don’t answer, first responders will be sent. I’m sleeping better at night knowing our house is being monitored. Plus, we can cancel at any time since there is no annual contract.

Our Home Security System – VideoThe best home security system

Finn and I created a video with Ring, sharing why we added their home security system and showing it in use in our home. Even Rory makes a few adorable cameos. (We actually shot this back in August, so she looks so young and our old kitchen is still intact.) Check it out for yourself right here or down below.

Once our kitchen renovation is complete, we’re excited to add even more sensors to our home. The ring home security systemAnything to keep our Rory girl safe.


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