How to Arrange Long-Stemmed Roses

Now that it’s officially spring, I just can’t seem to get enough fresh flowers. I just love bringing a little of the outdoors right into our home. They smell wonderful, they look cheery and bright, and they give me hope that soon the outdoors will be warm and alive again!

How to arrange long-stemmed roses
While I love getting fresh bouquets on the cheap at the grocery store, I’ve never been great at arranging those flowers once I get them home. I typically just trim up the bottoms and throw them in a vase without much thinking. But I’m trying to get better to channel my inner florist!
Long-stemmed white roses
I find long-stemmed roses to be especially challenging to arrange. I love the way they look all bundled together, but once you put them in a tall vase they all spread out and scatter.  Lately I’ve been lovin’ rounded bowl vases, especially because they keep all of the blooms close together and bundled. They’re a little different and they’re fun to use to decorate. You can put a low bowl of flowers on a coffee table, styled on a bookshelf, or on a dresser.
Rounded bowl vase
Today I’m going to show you how you can easily arrange long-stemmed roses in a bowl just like this one. The best part is you’ll most likely have all of these supplies on hand at home.
I learned this only a couple months ago, when I purchased a few bunches of blooms for our home. The flowers were all gorgeous, but I was struggling when it came to arranging them. So I headed to Youtube and watched a few flower arranging videos. Man oh man, did that help! That’s where I learned the technique that I’m going to show you today!
scotch tape
Just grab some clear Scotch tape and some scissors. That’s all you need!
cutting roses tips
1. First you’ll want to trim the roses so they fit in the bowl. Just use a sharp pair of scissors and cut the stem on an angle.  This will prevent the stems from laying flat on the bottom of the vase, which might inhibit their water intake.
2. Then be sure to take off any of the leaves that will rest below the water line. You’ll most likely have a clean stem that is all ready to be placed in the low vase of water.
1 row of tape
3. Next, take your Scotch tape and put a few pieces of tape horizontally across the top of the bowl. Make sure they’re secure on each side, but don’t let the tape go too far down the sides of the bowl. You don’t want to see the tape on the sides when you have your flowers all arranged.
Make a tape grid
4. Repeat the same process with more tape to create a little grid across the top of the vase.
arranging roses in a bowl
How to arrange long-stemmed roses
5. Take your cut roses and arrange them using the taped up grid on the top of the vase. The grid will help hold the stems in place so they don’t flop to the side. You can trim the roses up more to make sure the roses fill the entire bowl and fit.
That was pretty darn easy…wasn’t it?! Now you have a beautifully arranged bowl of flowers that would be a welcome addition to any home! Look at you channeling your inner florist.
So next time you hit up the grocery store, be sure to throw in a fresh bouquet of roses into your cart. I promise it will take you less than 15 minutes to create a gorgeous display for your home.



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