How To Clean Converse Gym Shoes

Summer Uniform

I wear my converse on repeat pretty much all weekend and summer long. If I’m not dressed up, you will most likely find me “putzing” around my house or out running errands in jeans, a gray t-shirt, and my converse.
Wearing converse with a leather jacket

I feel very “me” in this uniform because it’s so comfy. And the more and more I wear my converse, the more broken in they get. I love when these shoes are extra worn in because they are the most comfortable at that point. To wear them in and increase the comfort, I have to wear them all. the. time.

And when I say “all the time”, I mean it very literally. Whether I’m painting, cutting the lawn or out running errands, you can bet that I probably have my converse on. And that goes for my entire family actually! All of us love a good pair of converse (even my parents!) as evidenced by this dorky star photo we took when we all showed up with our matching converse on.

Dirty Conversehow to clean converse gym shoes

I love that my converse are super worn in after wearing them so much but I don’t love when they get really dirty. And this photo of “dirty converse” isn’t even a good representation of how dirty they can really get throughout the summer.

But for purposes of this post, I photographed my converse as they were pre-wash. The good news is that getting these classic shoes dirty is not a problem because getting them clean is simple.

How_to_clean_Converse_GymshoesEvery few months, I clean my shoes and figured I would take you guys along the way this time around. It’s a quick post but one that will hopefully come in handy for some of you, especially throughout the summer when converse seem to get even more use than normal.


How to Clean Converse

When my converse start to see better days, I know it’s time to wash them. All I do is put them in the washing machine (usually with some towels so they don’t make a ton of noise!) and add some regular detergent. I press start on the washing machine and let them run through the cycle just like a regular load of wash.

clean converse gym shoesWhen that load is done, I take out the converse and simply put them in the sun to dry!

How_to_clean_Converse_Gymshoes-5Usually about 12 to 24 hours later, the shoes look brand new yet still fit like a glove! Every time I go through this process, I’m always surprised at how much brighter they look with one easy wash!

Cleaning the Rubber

Usually just throwing them in the washing machine is enough to bring these shoes back to life. But if you have some stubborn scuffs/stains on the rubber portion of the shoe (like paint or some grass stains!) that won’t come off in the wash, I usually use a magic eraserHow_to_clean_Converse_Gymshoes-4

I’ll use one of these, add water, and scrub the rubber until it is clean and bright again.How_to_clean_Converse_Gymshoes-7
But that’s actually pretty rare because the washing machine is usually plenty!

Just like NewHow to clean Converse gym shoes

How easy is that?! I hope this quick post serves as a reminder as we head into the summer that you CAN wear your classic converse shoes all the time and never have to worry about getting them dirty. Whether you’re mowing the lawn, attending a muddy concert, or just running errands in the rain, these wardrobe staples can handle the miles.


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