Our New Laundry Room Floor Tile

A few weeks ago, I showed you the crazy number of laundry room floor tile options I considered for our new house. I swear my eyes started to cross from looking at all of those patterns. There were so many good ones to choose from, but I finally settled on this tile from The Tile Shop.

My contractor installed the tile a few weeks ago and I was instantly in love. Here’s a look at it down, but not yet grouted. Our new laundry room floor tile

I gasped when I first saw it and immediately put it on Insta stories to share with all of you. I love how it’s bold, but in a subtle way. The color is perfection too. Not too gray and not too beige. A perfect in-betweener that is warm and neutral.

Patterned floor tile

This laundry room floor tile is the jumping off point for everything else in this space and I’m really pleased that I went with this tile. It will be fun to gradually get the rest of the room together.

Choosing a Grout Color

Once the tile was down, my contractor wanted me to pick out a grout color and he left me with tons of choices to sort through. Grout colors

I pulled out different colors and tried them next to the tile and in different spots around the room to see which one would be best. I didn’t want to go with a white or something too light, as I want it to stay looking clean in here. This will be a hardworking room and the last thing I want is for the floor to look dirty all the time. So the whites and off-whites were out.

I also didn’t want to do anything too dark or too cool next to the creamy tile. So that eliminated most of the bottom ones and dark grays. Grout color mushroom

I finally landed on the color “Mushroom”. It’s light but not too light, dark but not too dark, and it definitely has a warm undertone. The grout color mushroom

Grout color can be so tricky and it can make the tile look completely different. Plus, when there are that many choices it can feel overwhelming! Luckily, I think I chose the right one for the project because it turned out beautifully…

Our New Laundry Room Floor Tile

Our new laundry room floor tile

Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m obsessed with this fun room now and I know this tile will be the star of the show even when we bring other items into this space.

Laundry room floor tile

As I mentioned in this post, I want to do sage green cabinets, brass accessories, and a wood butcher block countertop. I’m not totally sure when that will happen (too many projects happening at once right now!), but it will all come together eventually.Patterned floor tile in the laundry room

For now, I’m just happy every time I walk upstairs and into this room.

Before & After

Let’s take a little look at how much the laundry room has evolved over the last few months…

Laundry room before

Here it is when we closed on our home. We wanted to make the footprint of the entire room larger, so we decided to bring the wall out a few feet to use up some of the dead space at the top landing in the hallway.

Open laundry room

Adding framing for a laundry roomLaundry room drywalledSerena and Lily capiz chandelier in the hallway

And here is what it looks like in the hallway now. The stairs may not have a railing, but damnnnnnn the new chandelier looks good!

If you take a good look at the before and after, you’ll notice our contractor made the left wall on an angle so we didn’t have an awkward corner smack dab in the middle of the hallway. It’s now an actual room and it flows so much better with the upstairs layout!

Kenneth laundry roomLaundry room with new floor tile

While the room is far from done, it’s quite the improvement for such a short span of time! And now we have a gorgeous blank canvas to work from as we truly design this space to function well for our family. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated as we make progress in here, but for now, I’m just excited we have some laundry room floor tile! And the chandelier…I’m clearly pretty pumped about that too!


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