Lowe’s Bedroom Makeover: Choosing a Paint Color

It’s Monday morning, which means we are OFFICIALLY done with the Lowe’s master bedroom makeover. Ahhhh. I think we’re still both a bit slap happy from the combined excitement and exhaustion. It was a loooong, but good great, weekend!

Bucket from Lowe's--ready to start our project!We cannot wait to show you the big reveal this Thursday, but until that post is all ready to go we wanted to chat about the paint colors we used for this new space. Lowe's fall bedroom makeover before: pretty shade of green but didn't fit their style.

When Mike & April moved into their home in the spring, their master bedroom was a light green color. It’s actually a pretty shade of green (we don’t have the exact name of the color), but it wasn’t quite their style. Plus, they were excited to get some fresh paint on the walls to really make their bedroom feel clean and new.

Lowe's fall makeover before: the green walls with the brown trim were a bit dated. Oh and did we mention that allllll of the outlet covers were painted over in green paint. Ugh. Seriously the worst. So besides giving the space a coat of fresh paint, we would need to change out all 7 (!) of the outlets and switches to a crisp white.

Choosing from an array of paint swatches for this Lowe's fall paint makeover. After chatting with the couple, they told us that they wanted a nice neutral gray on the walls. Yeah we’re pretty sure they’re our dream “client.” Light neutral gray? You’re speaking our language here, people! After seeing their space in person, we decided that we wanted a light warm gray to brighten up the space.

lowes_makeover_paint_progress-2So what did we go with? Valspar’s Filtered Shade in a matte sheen.

Bedroom painted in Valspar's Filtered Shade with a blue headboard and herringbone rug. You may remember this color from Bridget’s master bedroom. It’s a gorgeous gray with just a hint of warmth and she has absolutely loved it ever since she re-painted.

The paint we used in our Lowe's fall bedroom makeover. We figured we couldn’t go wrong with this trusty hue, and we were excited to try it out in a matte sheen to give the entire room a more luxurious feel. There’s just something about matte paint that seems more high-end to us. Do you feel the same?

A great bedroom makeover calls for some vintage boombox tunes!Anyways, we actually gave April & Mike some homework before the weekend makeover to get their bedroom all painted. That way our volunteers could come in on Saturday, and we could focus our efforts on other tasks to get this space completed in 24 hours!

Watching paint dry: our Lowe's fall home bedroom makeover. But the walls didn’t just need painting, all of the trim & doors needed to be painted white too. Oh boy. Lots of painting taking place in this master bedroom. Lucky for us, Bridget’s dad (who is a professional painter!) generously offered his services to help us get the trim done before our Saturday makeover day. So all last week he visited the home after work to get the trim painted and ready #dadsarethebest

White trim pops against the grey and looks much better than the brown in this bedroom makeover. What a lifesaver! It looks 1000000x better with the fresh white paint on the trim, windows, and doors. Because the wood trim was varnished, we had to sand the trim to rough it up ahead of time and then used a Kilz Primer to prep it before paint. It took the 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of Valspar’s Ultra White to get everything looking fresh and crisp. But it was well worth it!

The trim stands out nicely against the grey wall as the paint dries on this makeover.

Isn’t the gray looking good?! Even in these progress pictures the room already looks so much brighter and bigger!

Lowe's bedroom makeover: this light shade of gray makes the room appear much lighter and bigger. We’ll be back on Thursday with the entire room reveal. Until then we have about 1,000 after pictures to edit #nojoke.

We hope today’s post gave you a mini teaser to tide you over until then. And guys….it’s so good. We literally can’t wait to show you!!!



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