Space Playroom Updates – Let There Be Moon Light!

It’s been a while since I’ve given you an update on the under-the-stairs playroom for the kids. That’s because it has been on hold while I focus my attention on another project – “Your Home Playbook” – which is set to launch next week!

Today, I wanted to bring you up to speed on where things stand with this cute little space!

The Closet Before

making a gameplan for an under the stairs playroom

Back in February, I introduced you to this awkward closet under the stairs in our basement. We simply shoved our air mattress and bedding in here and called it a day. However, I was always itching to do something fun for the kids and make this their secret hideout.

Rory is obsessed with outer space, so I dreamed up the idea of making this a space-themed playroom with its own mission control board. I could just picture Rory and Ellis spending hours in here pretending they’re flying a rocket ship in outer space. I mean, how freakin’ fun is that?!

Adding A Galaxy Wallpaper

Why I chose paste the wall wallpaper for our space closet in the basement

My first order of business was to add a mural to the walls. I chose this one of the Milky Way galaxy and spent a few hours hanging the wallpaper in here. The angles and ceiling were tricky, but I persevered and couldn’t get over the new look. I’m telling ya, wallpapering is one of the best DIY projects.

Painting The Baseboards Deep Dark Blue

Cutting in a dark deep navy color next to wallpaper

With the mural up, the white baseboards were sticking out like a sore thumb. I decided to paint the baseboards the color “Galaxy” (so perfect!) by Benjamin Moore. It’s a gorgeous deep dark blue and it’s perfect next to the mural.

The space closet is coming along! This playroom will be finished soon

Painting baseboards when you have carpet can be tricky, so I shared my best tips for a mess-free finish in this blog post.

Check Out The New Moon Light

A moon light, drill, and tape measure on the carpet before being installed in a closet

Next up, lighting! I found this moon light on Amazon and scooped it up right away. It’s big (20 inches x 20 inches) and I knew it would add light to this dark closet.

The install was pretty straightforward and the light has a switch on the side to turn it on and off. The kids will be able to reach it and turn it on whenever they’re playing in this space.

Adding a moon light to a space closet

Isn’t it dreamy? It looks so realistic and I adore the warm glow it gives the space. This would be so fun for anyone who loves space. It’s the perfect night light for a kid’s room!

Adding a moon light to a closet

The space is still pretty dark, even with the moon light, so I will eventually add more lighting to the space. I scooped up these LED strips that I plan to incorporate into the mission control station. I may also opt for a few battery-operated sconces too, but I don’t want to add those until we’re nearing the finish line.

Sourcing Old Electronics

Now, all of my focus is on building the mission control board. I reached out to neighbors, family, and friends to find some old electronics.

So far, I have two manual phones with cords, two keyboards, two pairs of headphones, and two calculators. I had to double up on everything to prevent future fighting between the kids. I’m sure the other parents out there understand. When in doubt, make sure every kid has a gadget! Ha!

Next Up: Figuring Out The Spaceship Console

making a plan for a mission control board in the closet

I’m planning to attach all of the electronics to some sort of work station that I will likely build out of wood. That’s where I am right now – trying to figure out my plan to bring this mission control board to life. I would love your input and ideas if you have any!

I Still Haven’t Told The Kids!

Adding a moon light to our kids' playroom under the stairs

Somehow, I’ve kept this a secret from both of my kids. I was originally hoping to get this project done in time for Rory’s 4th birthday, which is this Thursday, but it won’t be done in time. I just keep the door closed and, surprisingly, they haven’t opened it! I considered showing them my progress and then quickly decided against it. I would rather make it one big exciting surprise and record their reaction for all of you to see!

I hope to make some headway on the mission control board over the coming weeks. Stay tuned for that…


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