Moving Soon? Read This!

No, no, no…. neither of us is moving and this is NOT an announcement that either of us bought a new house. But even though we have no immediate plans to move, we still plan to chat all about moving today. Weird, right? Allow us to explain…

Moving involves carrying lots of boxes. Did you guys know that we write weekly blog posts for our friends over at HireAHelper? We absolutely LOVE this opportunity, so much so that we have been writing these posts for over 2 years on their blog! <– that’s over 100 posts about all things moving.

These movers help load boxes onto the truck. If you remember from this post, Casey used HireAHelper when she moved from St. Louis to Chicago a few years ago. And she used them again when moving into her current home. She absolutely loved her experience with HireAHelper, and one thing led to another, and now we are proud to be a mini part of the HireAHelper blog space. Like we said, we write about ALL things moving, which has included but is not limited to topics like… staging a home to sell, what to overlook when house hunting, how to make your home “smarter”, tips for cleaning, organizing, labeling — I mean you name it and we have probably chatted about it over there.

This guy is happy to be moving boxes. But recently we realized that OUR DIY Playbook readers (especially those who are moving, just moved, or want to move soon) may like to sift through some of these informative/real-life topics.

Like what information or documents should you get from your child’s school before you move to a new district? How do I pack a box like a pro? Or where can I buy the cheapest boxes and for sale signs for my upcoming move? Well, well, well… we have done LOTS of research on these things so you don’t have to…especially during such a BUSY time in your life.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite posts from HireAHelper so far:

Use these tips to save and photograph your house to sell. How to Stage & Photograph your Home to Sell Fast

Moving can be a very emotional time for everyone. The 9 Emotional Stages of Moving

Transporting your makeup during a move can be tricky.

How to Move Makeup

Fanny packs to hold keys, cash, tape and more are helpful when moving. How a Fanny Pack Changed my Moving Day

Be sure to create a packing key so you know what all your labeled boxes are. Moving Checklist for an Organized Move

Use these tips to prep for an open house. 10 Ways to Prep for an Open House

Here's how to rock Halloween in your neighborhood. How to Rock Halloween in your Neighborhood

Use these gift ideas for your new neighbors. Tasty Gift for New Neighbors

Here are some college moving tips. 7 Tips for Moving into a College Dorm Room

How do I Remove Smoke Odor from my New House?Here's how to remove cigarette odor.

Use these tips to decorate your home Magnolia style. How to Incorporate “Fixer Upper” Style into your Home

And if you’re looking for even more moving information, be sure to check out their blog AND if there’s something we didn’t tackle yet but you’re wondering about. PLEASE, please, please let us know! We’re always looking for new, relevant content to make a potentially stressful situation a little more manageable. We’d love to hear your ideas!!

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