Our 3rd Annual Holiday Gift Guide

We’ve been gearing up for this day for over a month and we can hardly believe it’s here…our 3rd annual gift guide! This magazine has been a labor of love from us both (plus, our husbands and our amazing graphic designer, Kaitlyn!) and we’re so relieved that launch day is finally here!DIY Playbook's annual gift guide In October, we polled you guys to get the scoop on what you wanted to see in this year’s gift guide (you can view our 2016 guide here, and our 2017 guide here). You guys specifically asked to see more holiday gift ideas for guys (our husbands were more than happy to share!), for parents/grandparents, and inexpensive gifts for acquaintances (like white elephant and coworker gifts!).a colorful gift guide We loved your input and definitely listened as we gathered items for this year’s gift guide. In fact, we added a whole page of white elephant gift ideas and another one with holiday gift ideas for mom/dad/grandma/grandpa!

What’s In This Year’s Gift Guide?

Similar to year’s past, we’ve organized the gift guide by theme. We have gifts for the home, seasonal gifts, gifts for a couple, so on and so forth. Hopefully, there is enough variety that you’ll be able to find items for everyone on your list!

We also each shared a page with our favorite items from the past year. We had those husbands of ours gather their fave goodies, and we also joined in on the fun. And let us tell you, when we find items we love…we are passionate about them! So if a gift made one of our pages, you know it’s an item we use and love on a daily basis. gifts for everyone on your list

How Do I Shop The Guide?

All you need to do is press the OPEN button in the bottom right corner of the image above and the Gift Guide will appear as a full-screen, interactive guide like this… gift guide fashionista page Then you can flip through the pages (just like a magazine!!) and when you click on the item you love, you will land on the exact website of this product so you can easily get all the details to pick it up later or buy it online right then and there. Or you can simply click here and it will go to a new browser for you to shop there! welcome to the 2018 gift guide by the diy playbook We highly recommend that you view the gift guide in full-screen on your computer (instead of mobile), that way you can see and read everything easily! It will work on your phone, but won’t be the same user experience. celebrating the DIY Playbook's annual gift guide We hope you guys enjoy all of these holiday gift ideas. And better yet, we hope it comes in handy as you tackle that long shopping list! gift guide prep Oh, and here’s a little behind-the-scenes shot of the chaos of this photo shoot. People, balloons, and presents…EVERYWHERE!gift guide holiday celebration Happy shopping, everyone!


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