A Small Outdoor Furniture Set For A Fraction Of The Cost

When we tackled the landscaping overhaul, the team agreed to use the pavers we already had and repave the area outside of our mudroom. Because this entrance is right off of our driveway, we use it to enter our house 99.9% of the time.

The pavers over there looked uneven and didn’t utilize all of the space that was out there. But the funny thing is, I didn’t even realize that until the pavers were laid. That’s why I don’t have a great before photo because I didn’t think there was going to be much work done in that area other than leveling out the bricks. Boy, was I wrong!

The new mudroom pavers are not only way better looking, but they also give us a lot more space in this little corner than we had before. What used to be a not-so-appealing entrance (to put it nicely) is now one that’s adorable! And because we used the pavers we had (plus ones we had from the original patio), it didn’t cost us a ton of money!

Matt mentioned how he would love to get two chairs to put there so he and I could sit there and watch Ben play in the driveway in a few years. Obviously, Ben will not be playing outside anytime soon, so although I loved the idea, we both agreed that it wasn’t top on the priority list.

small patio makeover with pavers

Instead, furniture for the new patio has been our top priority. We’ve been on the hunt for that and actually scored a few pieces that should be arriving on our doorstep any day! Because we switched our focus to the patio, we haven’t even been thinking of what will someday fill that little mudroom corner.

finding a small furniture set for a tiny patioThat was until this small outdoor furniture set found us. But before I get into the details, allow me to explain the backstory.

Let’s Backtrack

A thoughtful place serena and lily set

I’ve always loved the look of these Serena & Lily chairs. Our dear friend Courtney has them in her kitchen and every time she posts a photo of them I have serious heart eyes. I mean, how gorgeous is this setup?!

Iron & Twine Serena and Lily Kitchen

And one of our other blogging-besties, Michelle, also has them in her kitchen. Gorgeous, right?!

Casey and I were recently invited to check out the grand opening at the new Serena & Lily store in Chicago, and again I saw these gorgeous chairs. Obsessed! But there were two problems. The chairs are meant for indoor and they run around $230 a pop. Spending over $600 for a small outdoor furniture set was out of the question.

Wait… They’re From Where?!

So you’re probably thinking… if you weren’t going to pay $600 for these pieces, how did you get this outdoor set?!

small furniture set that looks like serena and lily

My answer? They may look like it, but these are actually not from Serena & Lily! Yup, they had me fooled too because they look so similar. I actually found this set at Marshalls for under $200!

small furniture set from marshalls

When I saw the set, I immediately it would be perfect for our mudroom area. I love the black & white, classic design, and loved the price tag even more.

black and white small furniture set

I mean, is it just me or do these chairs look so similar to the dreamy ones from Serena & Lily?!

Loving our Small Outdoor Furniture Set

Small outdoor furniture set outside a mudroom door

I still can’t believe I found the look for so much less! Matt and I have already spent some time out here at night enjoying a drink and have also brought Ben out in the morning for some coffee talk. Who knew I’d grow to love (and use) this little corner so much?small patio with black and white furniture set

When the weather turns cold here in Chicago, my tentative plan is to bring this set into the mudroom to enjoy. It’s just so good, I’d hate to pack it up. Now here’s to hoping I will end up loving (and using) the patio furniture just as much as we love (and use!) this set. Stay tuned for updates, hopefully soon.


P.S. You can find the checkered doormat here and a tutorial for the 5-minute DIY doormat here!

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