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A few weeks ago I revealed the new built-ins in our bedroom and mentioned that this improvement gave me the “itch” to give the whole space a little bedroom refresh (eek… sorry Matt). There was NOTHING wrong with the space, but there were minor things that I have on my long-term “wish list”. A space is always a work in progress, right?

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Our bedroom was one of the first areas we tackled when we bought the house over 3 years ago. Maybe it’s because I have the blog or maybe it’s the natural progression of being new homeowners, but I feel like my style has definitely evolved A LOT since then and it needed to be slightly updated to match the direction of the rest of our house. Please tell me you can relate?!

Our Bedroom Refresh

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Here’s what’s been on my wishlist:

bench bedroom

1. Bigger Rug: You know when you FIRST buy a house and you literally feel like you’re bleeding money?! We started off with very little “stuff” when we bought our first house, so between new furniture, a few mini DIY projects, and the reality of actually having HOME bills… I felt like money was flying out of our bank account in record speed (yikes… never a good thing). So when it came to splurging on a larger rug for this space, we didn’t. We opted for this small (5×7) rug that was less than $100 to fill the space until the money bleeding stopped, we could pull ourselves together and splurge on something that fit the size of this room a bit more. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the original rug while it lasted and really loved that we stayed within our means at the time, however having a bigger rug was always on my long-term wish list. Fast forward 3 years — it’s time!

bedroom pillows2. Buy a Headboard: Getting a headboard has been on my wish list for a few years now too and I can’t WAIT to finally upgrade… like so excited! To be perfectly honest, I never really thought about a headboard until Casey bought one a few years back, and then I immediately realized what a difference they can make in the look of the room.

Then when Maggie moved into her new place, I bought her a headboard as her housewarming gift and was totally crushing on the look once again. I’m excited that it’s my turn to add a headboard to my room, and when I saw this navy one on Wayfair’s site it was love at first sight! <3 Like the rug, I feel like it’s a splurge but one that’s worth it since I’ll be using it for many years to come.

gallery wall bedroom3. Simplify the gallery wall: I have always loved the gallery wall we created in our bedroom. However, after we put up the built-ins and added “knick-knacks” on them, the busy gallery wall is just too much. I definitely don’t want a place we spend time relaxing in to feel busy, so the gallery wall needs to be reworked a bit. Plus, the nautical touches just don’t seem to align with the rest of the house anymore (teardrops) so I’m excited for a new look.

board and batten bedroom4. Paint: I’m not planning on painting everything (the wood wall behind the bed and our wall of board and batten are going to stay white), I’m just replacing the tan-ish/sand color to a more light grey look. I love how my sister’s room looks with the white board and batten against the grey, so I’m using that as my inspiration (but probably going a tad lighter)

alarm clock bedroom5. Add hints of gold: Is it bad to mix gold and silver so much!? All of the fixtures and hardware in our room (and in our house) are silver, but I have slowly added touches of gold around the house and I like the look of mixing the finishes. Maybe I’m crazy, but I want to bring that same mix & match combo into our bedroom. And when you see an amazing gold lamp on sale at Target that you just can’t walk away from…. that helps too.  

bench bedroom6. DIY or thrift a bench (Future Goal): My long-term plan is to DIY or thrift a bench for the end of our bed. Between our bedroom and Casey’s guest room (and my day job!), I’m a bit overloaded with projects at the moment. Plus, the weather is still a bit cold outside, which limits my ability to work in the garage without coming in frozen. When I’m off for summer vacation, I may want to build a bench or look hard on my thrifting adventures. (P.S. I sold my last bench on Craigslist for a really great price, which helped fund some of my new updates — love when that happens!)

light fixture bedroom7. Upgrade the Light (Future Plan): Another FUTURE plan is to change out the lighting in this room… maybe? I’m not completely married to that idea, but I’ve always got my eyes peeled for options. I guess I want to see how the room comes together to make the next decision but thought I would put it on the list of potential changes.

bedroom flowers nightstand8. Paint Nightstands (maybe a Future Plan): I’m open to your suggestions and advice on this one! I have to use the ones that we have for now because I think they fit the space really well, provide some serious storage, and are too new/nice to just ditch after a few years.

However, I would like them to be a tad brighter. I’ve tossed around the idea of painting the drawers to create a two-toned look and that is still an option, but I don’t know if I’m sold on the idea just year. And much like the bench DIY idea, this would be a summer project too. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Keep an eye on them as this room takes shape and keep me posted! I know it’s hard to make the decision without seeing the changes…at least that’s my thought at the moment. We’ll see what happens, but I would love your input over the next few bedroom posts.

bedroomSo that’s my short and long-term plan for this space. What do you think?! I feel like there are definitely a few splurges on the horizon (eek!) but I also feel like these staple pieces have been on my wishlist for a long while and because of that, I’m really excited and ready to take the plunge!


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