The Simple Way to Cut a Watermelon

We eat so much watermelon in our household during the summertime. There’s just something so satisfying about a juicy watermelon that’s straight from the fridge. This cold sweet fruit can’t be beat!

How to cut a watermelon

As everyone knows, Finn is the chef in our house and he figured out the best way to cut a watermelon a few years ago. It’s a game changer! I shared Finn’s watermelon cutting technique on Insta Stories a few weeks back and you guys went crazy for it! So I figured I should share it here so everyone can learn this simple trick to cut a watermelon.A simple trick to cut a watermelon

We even shot a little video so you can see his technique in action (plus, you can hear his fun facts about watermelons.
Who knew he was such a watermelon enthusiast?!).

Small watermelonsWe like to buy the small seedless watermelons at the grocery store. I think they’re juicier than the large ones and this summer we’ve enjoyed some amazing ones. I have no tips for choosing the best one at the store (let me know if you have any to share!), but whenever we get the small ones we are never disappointed. Plus, seedless is the way to go!

How  to Cut a Watermelon

How to cut a watermelon into small pieces

We like to cut our watermelon into little “french fries.” That way it’s easy to eat with your fingers and you can snack on it quickly without getting out a bowl and fork. We’ve purchased a watermelon every week this summer and it’s always gone in about two days. We go through those suckers like crazy. Here’s how to make these little bite-sized pieces that are perfect for snacking.

Cut the Watermelon in HalfCut the watermelon in half

First, cut the watermelon in half with a sharp knife on a good cutting board. I have terrible knife skills, so Finn is always the one doing the chopping in our household. Watermelon halves

Cutting the watermelon in half produces a flat surface so the rest of your cutting is a lot easier.

“Skin” the Watermelon

Next, place the flat surface of the watermelon down and go ahead and skin the watermelon. We’ve found that this is the fastest and easiest way to get the rind off. Just keep going all the way around until it’s all off, rotating the melon as you go. You can cut any small white pieces off too so you’re left with just the juicy insides.

Cut the Top OffCut the top off a watermelon

Place the watermelon on its side and cut the top off. Now you’re just left with the pink insides of the watermelon.

Cut into French Fries

Go ahead and slice the watermelon into one-inch pieces working your way across. Then rotate the melon and cut it the other way. If your watermelon is really big, you can cut the watermelon in half so the pieces aren’t as long. Watermelon french fries

And that’s how you cut a watermelon into bite-sized french fries!

Video – Cutting a Watermelontips to cut a watermelon

If you like to watch tutorials via video, I shot this video of Finn cutting a watermelon. The watermelon we used in the video was a larger one and it wasn’t seedless. You can see how it’s not as juicy as the one in the photos above. Still yummy, but not quite as sweet!

How to cut a watermelon

It’s funny because I told Finn I wanted to shoot a video of him cutting watermelon and that man came prepared! We started shooting and he was whipping out random watermelon facts that I’ve never heard before. I was dying laughing! Take a look for yourself…

You can also view the video by heading to our Youtube channel right here (and we’d love it if you subscribed!).

finn shotputting a watermelonIf you’re heading to any parties for 4th of July this weekend, maybe bring some sliced watermelon?! You can practice your new knife skills (but don’t attempt to shotput your watermelon like in the photo above. Oh boy).how to cut watermelon

Sliced watermelonWe’re heading to a lake house with friends, so I’ll be “out of the office” starting tomorrow. See you back here bright and early on Monday morning!


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