Using Modsy To Solve Your Design Dilemmas

When I first started nursery planning, figuring out the layout of this room was the biggest challenge for me.

Ben’s nursery is a large bedroom, a design challenge I never anticipated. A room too small? Of course, that makes sense. But a room too big? I never saw that as a potential issue and although I’m so grateful for the extra space, it made the initial plans tricky!
That’s when I enlisted the help of Modsy and I’m so glad that I did.

Using Modsy in the Nursery

Throughout the planning process, Modsy was extremely helpful because their service allowed me to visualize the space (with exact dimensions of our furniture) before making any official furniture purchases. I felt a lot more comfortable when it came time to buy these items because I was able to see how they would look in the space and how they would coordinate with one another.
Pretty awesome, right?! 
I’m really happy with the final layout of the nursery. I was worried about this space feeling too empty, but it feels very warm and cozy. And I’m happy with the furniture placement in this space. The nursery with the rocker in the corner is a wonderful focal point right when you walk in, and the long dresser as the changing table worked out perfectly.
I’ll definitely keep you guys updated as we “live in” this space and figure out what’s best. I know I’ve gotten some questions on Instagram about how the rocker works for breastfeeding, how we like the baby monitor, how the dresser works for changing, etc. I’m making notes of all of these questions so I can answer them after we have had plenty of experience using them. If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out and I’ll add them to my list of updates to check back in.
This slim bookshelf was actually the last piece I added to the room and I am glad we put it in here. It fits on that small wall perfectly and acts as a nice spot to display cute baby accessories! I mean, how cute is that vintage camera nightlight?!

Other Modsy Success Stories

Since our first post, a few of our friends have also worked with Modsy for a variety of rooms in their homes. They too have been super happy with the process and have found clarity, inspiration, and even a new sense of motivation/excitement to tackle the various design dilemmas they’ve been grappling with. Hearing this feedback from them makes us so happy and even more excited to chat about this amazing resource (and provide a coupon code!) once again.

A Modsy Coupon Code for You!

If you’re looking to nail down a layout and design plan for a room in your home, we can’t recommend Modsy enough. They are so talented and we love that the process is very user-friendly. Their cheapest design package starts at $69 and we are currently offering a 20% off coupon for all of our amazing DIY Playbook readers. Use code PLAYBOOK20 at check-out to save on an already amazing deal.

Keep Us Updated

So many of you recently submitted questions and requests to our Reader SOS series and this is definitely a tool we would recommend for all of you who are wondering about layout questions. The experience is based on your style and your room’s exact dimensions. Who doesn’t want a professional to help bring their Pinterest board to life in a rendering of your exact room?! Sign us up!
Has anyone else had success using Modsy? We’d love to hear about your experience… and even see the renderings if you’re willing to share! And for those who may be thinking about trying them out soon, please keep us updated! We’d love to see how this amazing tool brings new life into your space.


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