Bridget’s New White Bedding

Okay, last week we all I had a lesson on what a Euro Sham was and how it helped take my bedroom up a notch in the “grown-up” category. Like seriously, was I the only one who had no idea what these enlarged pillows were and how they mysteriously make your bed look completely official and right out of the pages of a magazine?

Along with the Euro Sham discovery, there’s a little something else that has recently helped our master look a lot more “official”. Feast your eyes on our new & improved crisp white bedding.

IMG_1152And yes, this bed is just as comfy it looks. But no, our bed does not get made everyday (sorry mom). Whether it’s made or not, I am totally digging this white duvet I recently got from Crane & Canopy. Before this new duvet, we used a plain comforter without a duvet, which was fineeee…. I just didn’t feel like our bed ever had a “finished” look.

The duvet gives it that “finished” look and just like those dang Euros, this extra material mysteriously brings our bedroom up on the grown-up scale like 12 notches. Apparently I’ve been hibernating right through the Grown-Up Bedroom Tips 101?
crane and canopyMy favorite part of this duvet/sham set is that it is reversible! I love the subtle grey detail because it adds a touch of texture and pattern into the mix. It’s just enough without being over-the-top or gaudy. Plus, I love that this subtle pattern is versatile so I can reverse the bedding if I wanted to change things up someday.
bedroomIn order to show off that texture I heart so much, I pull down the top of the duvet just enough to expose a pop of pattern/color. (Another grown-up bedding trick I learned thanks to Casey). #latetothegame
pillowThe Euro shams match the bedding as well. They are white on one side and have the same grey pattern on the reverse side, which could also be a fun option to change things up in the future. <– so many options!


The white is so classic, bright and clean looking, which is exactly the “feel” I strive for in this relaxing space. Plus, I love that this neutral look will pair well with any pillow combos. But let’s be real here, I don’t foresee any changes anytime soon. I am totally loving our new bedding, loving how soft and versatile it is, and really loving the fact that I can wash it so easily!

The Crane & Canopy Bedding is here to stay! And if we’re still being honest, it doesn’t look like I’m going anywhere anytime soon either. Comfy bed + my laptop + coffee = Happiness.
Bridget Signature

Check back tomorrow to get the scoop on Casey’s bedding (I’m in love with hers too!!). Spoiler Alert: it’s from Crane & Canopy — which set would you choose for your bedroom?!

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