Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to all of you hard-workers tuning in! We hope this blog post finds you extra rested, drinking coffee in peace, enjoying your day off with some of your favorite people. You deserve it.

In true Labor Day fashion (no pun intended), we are also taking the day OFF from all things DIY to chat a little bit about our day jobs and that burning question we hear most often — “how do you do it?!”professionalsCasey works as a TV producer & host, and Bridget works as a high school teacher & coach. Working full-time and running the blog definitely keeps us on our toes and forces us to use our time very wisely. Having each other to lean on, vent to, or just work with throughout this process makes the time commitment, the logistics, and the overall experience of blogging a lot more manageable (and fun!). And let’s be honest, we LOVE what we do and would never change the crazy schedules and overloaded to-do list for a thing.


bridgetBut guess what? We know we’re not the only busy ones around here. EVERYONE is BUSY! While many people ask us, “How do you do it?” “How do you find time to blog?!”, we are looking at them thinking the same thing! How do YOU do it?!?rookies

But let’s get to the question at hand here & be perfectly honest. We’re not perfect & we don’t do it ALL. We would never want to give you a false impression that we work full-time, run a blog full-time, and live this perfect, stress-free life in a picture-perfect home. For example…

  1. Neither of us cook dinner… pretty much ever. This gives us some extra time to tackle some computer work while our amazing men take care of dinner.
  2. We are always “plugged in” on the blog or using social media, which is fun for us because we truly love all things DIY/blog but isn’t so great for our +1′s. We have to make a conscious effort to “unplug for love” in order to make time to concentrate what is important in our lives.
  3. Our fitness schedules suffer. Casey fits in a workout far more than Bridget does, but we both  sacrifice working out more than we should with our blog schedules. This is one thing both of us want to focus on more, but it’s a piece of the puzzle that doesn’t always make the cut (not that we’re complaining or making  excuses - it’s just the facts… unfortunately).
  4. We blog on the weekends, we blog before work, we blog after work, and we blog when we should be sleeping… see the trend here? If we have free time – we’re probably blogging!
  5. Our homes don’t always look “Picture Perfect”. This just in: our homes get messy, disorganized (gasp!), and really dusty. We acquire overflowing laundry bins, piles of bills on the counters, and even an unmade bed here and there. The pretty pictures here on the DIY Playbook are designed to inspire and motivate our readers (isn’t that what blogs are all about?) and NEVER, ever designed to make them feel inferior or discouraged.
  6. We mostly talk “business” together – Yes, we’re best friends FIRST and business partners SECOND but business tends to dominate our conversations these days. Sometimes we’ll even set a timer right when we get together and until that timer rings, we canNOT talk blog… only old fashion girl talk. haha what losers we are…
  7. This is our hobby, so we love to spending as much time as we can doing it… even if the stuff we do reflects “work”. Checking our email to find new opportunities or feedback from readers is actually FUN for us. Some people have a hobby of running and devote hours a day running & training for a marathon… that’s their fun, so of course they MAKE time to enjoy it as much as possible. We get that.
  8. We LOVE this blog like it’s our first-born. You laugh, but we’re serious… we truly feel like we will do anything we can to watch our little baby flourish. We are proud parents of our “little baby” and want to continue to nourish it and see it grow and mature.

    So bottom line — we aren’t perfect, but because we love what we do and have an amazing support system, we put priority on blogging and make it work regardless of what we have to sacrifice. A big thank YOU for making it all worth it, for tuning in everyday, and for cheering us on along the way. We know that you are CRAZY BUSY too, so the fact that you take precious time out of your day to come here…. we truly can’t thank you enough.


On that note, let’s all go enjoy our day off in honor of Labor Day (or at least try to until the next email pops up!)… we all deserve a mini break!

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