Happy Halloween!

Over the past year, we’ve both donned fluffy white wedding dresses. We loved wearing our gowns on the big day, but now that those big days are over…we’re breathing a big sigh of relief. We’re no longer brides! Yippeeeee!

Our new motto? “No longer brides…forever bridesmaids!”

We thought it would be fun to celebrate this newfound “non-brides” status with themed Halloween costumes…ugly bridesmaids dresses!


We glammed up our bridesmaids’ ensembles with bright pink lips, red-hot lips, and a lot of hairspray and hair teasing! Is there any other way?


And how could you not love these 80′s satin gowns? Poofy sleeves…check! Bedazzled…check! Just the right amount of ugliness…check!


We’re hoping to make this an ongoing Halloween tradition…choosing costumes that reflect momentous occasions from that past year. And what better way to celebrate our wedding year than with these beautiful satin gowns? It doesn’t get much scarier than this folks!

IMG_3836So a big HAPPY HALLOWEEN to our favorite readers. We hope you have a fabulously fun Halloween weekend complete with lots of treats (bring on those mini Snickers people), some extra bright lips & just enough hairspray.  

Bridget and Casey SignatureP.S. We wrote a post over on the HireAHelper blog about How to Rock Halloween. It’s a great read if you want to come check it out! pumpkin-on-doorstep


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