25 things you probably didn’t know about Bridget

On Tuesday, Casey shared all of her dirty secrets. Today it’s my turn to dish all of the details about my life. So here we go…

1. I would eat Panera for every meal of the day if I could. I love sandwiches and would take a sandwich-style meal over a nice dinner any day. <– cheap date!

bridget2. I have two amazing sisters that I am lucky enough to call my best friends.
3. I strongly dislike being the center of attention.

4. I am a “cryer”. Happy stories, sad stories — pass me the tissue, I’m going to need it! It’s so bad that once I was on an interview committee and when the interviewee told a sentimental story, I cried. The.ugly.cry… in front of the entire panel (including my boss). Holy Awkward.

bridget115. I studied Family and Consumer Sciences in college a.k.a. “Home Economics”

6. I have a terrible memory, except when it comes to driving & directions.
bridget127. I grew up playing golf with my sisters (thanks to our dad). I played in high school, was a state qualifier and now I’m a Varsity Girls’ Golf Coach at a high school in the district that I work in.

8. I worked at a golf course growing up for 10 years.

9.  I’m a News Junkie. I watch the news every single night.
bridget10. I’m a very positive person. I’m easy-going and am rarely ever crabby.
bridget711. I have two Master’s Degrees

View More: http://ginacristine.pass.us/casey--mike-112.  I would live in my parent’s basement (with Matt) if he allowed it. #homebody

13. I hardly ever drink alcohol. I prefer a chocolate shake over a cocktail any day!
alarm clock14. I’m a morning person.

15. I pretty much only watch non-fiction shows on TV. CNN, Dateline, Documentaries… love them all.

B4 16. My front tooth got knocked out on a swing set when I was little girl (the root & all!) so I went years & years without a front tooth.

17. In college I got a job as a waitress, which was the worst experience ever for someone who has a terrible memory. Think a flustered Bridget coming back to the table 15 minutes after the orders were placed saying something like, “I’m sorry sir, what was it that you ordered again?”

18. I was a Vegetarian all through college.
Chestnut Club19. My family calls the house we grew up in the “Chestnut Club”. My parents still live there and we all still refer to it as the “Chestnut Club”.

20. A lot of people tell me I look just like my mom, and I’m always so honored to hear that.

21. I go to bed no later than 9:00pm every night.

22. I have to eat something sweet after every meal — I call it a chaser.

23. I was a tom-boy growing up.

Matkovich-0290 24.  My husband and I met at work and secretly dated for 2+ years. Some of our colleagues didn’t know we were dating until we were engaged…. or some not until we were married!

25. When I shower, get ready, clean the house or work on the blog, I’m probably listening to music yet I’m so clueless about music. Artists names, song names — no clue, i just like listening.

Bridget SignatureP.S. We were BLOWN AWAY by the love & support we received yesterday for our blog’s 2nd birthday. A big thank you to everyone who took some time to show their support and complete our survey. We learned a lot about what you guys want to see here on the blog & we can’t wait to put it into action this spring!


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