DIY Playbook’s 2016 Christmas Card

Bridget & CaseyDecember 5, 2016 Comments

Creating a Christmas card here on the DIY Playbook has quickly become one of our favorite annual traditions. Not only do we have a blast getting together to take this yearly photo, we especially love the opportunity to send out these cards to all of the amazing companies/people we have worked with over the year and then share our card with all of you!

And this year is no different. So without further ado, we are SO excited to share The DIY Playbook’s 2016 Christmas card!
diy-playbook-christmas-card-coffee-hoiday-2016We chatted about some of our favorite cards back in October (yes, we are those crazy people who ordered our cards months ago) and ended up picking this card from Minted as our winner because we loved the “Happiest Holidays” message.
happiest-holidays-minted-christmas-card-diy-playbookWe personalized the card by adding this year’s “winning photo”, our name, and of course the year so we can add this year’s card to our collection. If you’re new to the DIY Playbook, you can check out our cards from Christmas’ past here —> 2014 & 2015.
diy-playbook-happiest-holidays-cardIt’s only been a few years of sending out this snail-mail, but we already love looking back at cards from the past couple of years and reminiscing.

We know that getting in front of the camera is not always easy, however, capturing these moments in time is so special. So even if your holiday card isn’t “picture perfect”, it’s a moment in your family’s story that you are capturing forever and to us, that’s pretty darn perfect.

But the best part of this year’s Christmas Card (and really every year’s card so far), is the behind-the-scenes stories of how these photo shoots really happen. Although this picture looks like we’re having the best time ever, there’s a LOT more to the story that you don’t see. This year’s photo shoot was especially “interesting” because it almost turned out to be an EPIC fail. Here are some of the cute outtakes…


… but don’t be completely fooled because there’s a whole lot more to this story and we can’t wait to share the details tomorrow. But until then, we are so excited about how this year’s card turned out and just like the card says, we are wishing you and your family the “HAPPIEST HOLIDAYS”.  

Bridget and Casey Signature

Speaking of Christmas Cards, here’s a super easy way to save them for years and years to come! how to save old Christmas Cards

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