Office Gallery Wall Prints

Why always run out and BUY when there are just as many amazing resources for FREE? Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Etsy and spend entirely more than my rookie salary suggests I should spend on Etsy, but I also love the challenge of trying to do it for less. Isn’t that what DIY is virtually all about? The hunt. The adventure. The personal touch. Whatever “it” is at the time, it’s always fun to get a look for less. In today’s case, “it” was my office gallery wall. A few months ago, “it” was the gallery wall in the laundry room. I love Etsy, but I also love me FREE. Today, free it is! I’m here to share my gallery wall prints, so you can get FREE too.
Ironically, first up in the gallery wall line-up is not a printable, but it was FREE to me. I made this string art a few years back with Casey. I was using it somewhere else in the house, but decided to give it some new life by adding it to the wall. Although it won’t be free to you, I can offer a free tutorial. #excusetheawfulphotos #babyblogrookies

Next up- this fun FREE printable from Classy Clutter. (Have you seen some of their makeovers? Amazing!!! You have to check them out, they are adorable & so talented)

Random Horn Hook- clearance at HomeGoods.

This one is possibly my favorite. With a little washi tape, I stuck that bad boy right on the wall and cannot get enough. “You’re a gem…” I just love it. The watercolor. The geometric hints. The message. Perfection…all yours FREE!

The modern hexagons totally stole my heart. I love how this frame compliments the shapes and colors of the print. I added the metal “58″ numbers and styled it a little different, but I just love the simplicity. You have to check out how Nalle added a little gold for a super creative edgy look.

This weather vane (?) was actually a $2 thrift store find. It used to be gold, and unfortunately, not a cute kind of trendy gold. An ugly, tarnished, off-gold. I added a little white & teal spray paint. Super easy, totally worth the two bucks.

This enlarged print came with our wedding package. Call me crazy, but I absolutely love it. Like I mentioned earlier this week, I was totally inspired by Deanne’s print and knew I needed to incorporate this preppy look into our home.

Both of the storage drawers on top of the desk were from HomeGoods. They are home to some office essentials, and the little boxes to the right hold all of our cords… separately. #lovethat
The wishbone on the bulletin board can be found here. But you have to check out how Jen used it in her gold & glamorous office gallery wall. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

And last but not least, the three prints that mean the most to me. I wanted to create three pieces of very simple art that reflects my outlook on… well, life really.

Work Hard. Be Kind. Stay Humble.
If there were three rules I hope to live by and stay true to, I hope it is these three simple phrases. And what better way to remind myself of these truths than through a constant reminder in our home?
And that’s exactly what I did. I created 3 printables and hung them in our office to constantly remind us to always….
1. Work Hard.
2. Be Kind.
3. Stay Humble. 
And because I heart you all so much (and owe these fabulously creative people who shared their creativity with me!), I decided to share these free printables with the internet world.. and of course, all of you. You can choose to print one of the quotes, all of the quotes or mix & match the colored and white version of the prints to remind yourself of the importance of work ethic, humility, and respect.
DOWNLOAD the black and white version HERE
DOWNLOAD the colored version HERE
I hope you enjoy! And a huge thanks for all of your support; absolutely none of this would be possible without you taking time to check in on us each day. You are amazing. Don’t ever forget it.
P.S. My fellow rookie even printed one out for her desk area! Check it out!
work hard print in blue frame

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