The DIY Playbook Style Series – Fall Flannel

The DIY Playbook Style Series: Like many of you, we both strive to buy clothing that not only reflects our style, but is also comfortable, affordable, and can be worn at work AND on the weekends (did we mention we don’t want to spend a ton of money either?). We know that a lot of the DIY Playbook’s readers are currently in this same exact situation, so hopefully together we can start this new journey of connecting one another with clothes (and sales!!) that make us all feel confident and comfortable. Don’t get us wrong, we are NOT fashion experts and we’re not even fashion forward, we are just regular girls trying to have a little fun with our styles all without breaking the bank.

travel-plaid-stripes-converse-fashion-outfit Today’s Topic: Fall Flannels

I LOVE everything about fall, but probably one of my favorite parts of fall is bringing back my fall wardrobe. Is it just me or does anyone else find themselves totally surprised at some of the items that you pull out of the drawers from last season?! Haha I LOVE when that happens… definitely makes switching over the closet a bit more exciting.bridget-fall-plaid-vest-booties-style-series

Boots, scarves, jeans are some of my favorite staples but my all-time favorite fall items are my flannels. They’re SO darn comfortable and to me, such a snapshot of what fall is all about — comfy weekends enjoying the gorgeous weather, sipping coffee, and admiring the breathtaking leaves… probably with football in the background and pumpkins on the porch. How can anyone NOT love fall?!

My Favorites

I wear flannels with just about everything in the fall and even into the winter. When I shop for flannels, I try to choose the ones that are the most versatile and most economical. Here are some of my favorites that range from $19 to about $50.


*Affiliate Links Used 1. Black and White Buffalo Check (I have this!) // 2. Red and Navy Plaid // 3. Red and Navy Plaid
4. Navy + Pink  // 5. Beige Flannel // 6. Red + Black Check (have one just like it!)
7. Coral Plaid // 8. Blue and Bold // 9. Navy Plaid  (I have this one!)

Note: *Almost all of these flannels come in a variety of colors and most of them are currently on sale!!

Fit Tip & Sale Alert: I buy most of my flannels from J. Crew Factory outlet because they are so darn soft and really hold up over time, but be careful because they run a tad big. AND, J. Crew Factory has sales so often on these staples…. PLEASE do not buy them at full price!

How to Wear Flannels this Fall

Like I said, I like to wear flannels with just about anything but here are some tips/ideas:

  • Around the waist with jeans or a dress <– I usually rock flannels around the waist in early fall (like now). I’ll wear this look with jeans OR on a really warm day, I like to wear the flannel around my waist while wearing a dress + booties. That way if the weather gets cooler at night, I can use the flannel as a jacket. carmel_bridget_flannel_jacket_leather
  • Around the waist with a leather jacket <– more of a trendy(?)/grunge look but I get a ton of compliments on this look and love having that pop of color and pattern in the look. PLUS when the nights get cool, I have an extra layer built-in. J. Crew Necklace Christmas
  • With a necklace to work!: Believe it or not, I even sneak a flannel to work here and there. I love pairing my light weight ones with a pencil skirt and a bold necklace (usually one on sale from J. Crew Factory).bridget-fall-plaid-vest-booties-style-series-6
  • With a Vest: Fall is all about the layers and adding a flannel under a vest is the perfect way to achieve this laid-back and layered look. I love pairing a buffalo check flannel with a green army vest or just a regular flannel with my grey vest. Whatever combo you have in your closet can pretty much work!bridget-style-series-flannel-shorts-2
  • With Jean Shorts: Technically this isn’t very fall, but I do love wearing a flannel with a tee and jean shorts in the VERY early fall or when Spring rolls around. Because I love this look so much, I had to at least give it a quick shout-out!

Buying Tipsbridget-style-series-flannel-shorts

As much as I LOVE flannels, I don’t necessary need them in EVERY single color… let’s be honest, I just don’t have the space for that. So when I’m out shopping for flannels, I try to choose versatile color schemes that can work with just about anything so I don’t need to keep buying.

I love the red/blue one that I have on in a lot of these photos, but now that I have a red one I won’t buy another red one… even if I see one that’s adorable. And I also don’t like to break the bank on flannels. H&M has some really great $19-ish ones (I love them!), but those tend to be a little less fitted. I sometimes get lucky finding flannels at TJ Maxx or Target too, but that’s hit or miss and the quality isn’t as nice as the J. Crew Factory ones.

flannel-fall-graphic2Regardless of where you choose to shop for a flannel this season, I REALLY hope you give one a try. I know I’m a bit biased but I promise you that you’ll be able to pair it with so many different outfits, which will help you get a ton of use out of it throughout the fall and into winter! Heck, you can even wear a light flannel with jean shorts at the start of Spring for the cutest/comfiest look ever!!  Have I sold you yet?! 😉 #TEAMFLANNEL

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