DIY Donut Pumpkins

Bridget & CaseySeptember 1, 2015 Comments

Like many we have a bit of a sweet tooth. And for Bridget, she likes to get her sugar dose first thing in the morning. Her sweet of choice? DONUTS. Lots of them.IMG_0874

Yep, this girl loves a good donut and whenever we travel to a new city she always convinces me to eat donuts & coffee for breakfast. #byebyediet

I mean look at all of the donut pics we’ve taken here on the blog.

It’s safe to say donuts are always a good idea on the DIY Playbook, and it was only fitting that we finally do a craft featuring B’s beloved pastry! (especially after seeing this adorable inspiration)


Our September challenge as a Michaels Maker was to take a craft pumpkin and turn it into something special. We’re not exactly into spooky stuff (no horror movies for these two!), so we were in agreement that our craft should be fun and happy. Kinda like the wine cooler we created with a craft pumpkin last year.pumpkin serving bowl

This year we stuck with the party/entertaining theme and decided to create a pumpkin that is fun, happy, and bonus points…delicious!

IMG_0720Here’s what you’ll need for this super simple DIY craft.

DIY Donut PumpkinMichael's Pumpkin DIY Donut

Step 1: Pick up a craft pumpkin from Michaels, or order one from The you’ll first want to paint on the donut’s “frosting.” We did white (vanilla), brown (chocolate), and pink (strawberry).  Make sure you just paint the top portion of the pumpkin and not the whole thing! That would be one heck of a frosted (& yummy!) donut. We did 2 light coats of paint and let it dry.

Step 2: Once your frosting is dry, it’s time to add the best part…the sprinkles! If you don’t want to keep washing your paint brushes, you’ll need to have a paint brush for every sprinkle color.  The sprinkles can be a tad tedious to paint on, but just like a donut they don’t have to be perfect, right? Have fun with it and add as many or as few as you want!

DIY Donut PumpkinIMG_0801That’s it! Seriously, what an easy craft project! <—our favorite kind!


We think these pumpkins should be showcased at your next brunch or breakfast party! Create a yummy spread of donuts (obvi), milk, coffee, and other breakfast goodies and let the entertaining begin.

IMG_0817IMG_0811A breakfast party like this would be the perfect way to start a crisp Autumn day! Display this gorgeous spread, fuel up on sugar, and then head out with your girls for a day of apple picking, tailgating, or some other fun fall activity! Heck, any day that starts off with a donut is bound to be a GREAT one in our playbook.

We know it’s only September 1st, but this craft project was the perfect way to dip our toe into the fall season. We are pumped up for all of the activities (& deliciousness) that accompany our favorite season! #bringitonfall #wearereadyforyouDIY Donut Pumpkin Michaels

Bridget and Casey Signature

Looking for more pumpkin inspiration?! Grab your coffee (and maybe a donut!!) & come check out all of the other Makers and their pumpkin crafts below!

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