Mix & Match Metallic Office Reveal

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So last week I shared how I was feeling uninspired in my office. Some of the pieces were used in Maggie’s condo makeover, some were moved to different parts of the house, and I eventually realized the rug felt too loud for such a small space. Long story short, the office was left looking a little sad and I was finally feeling inspired to give it the love it so deserves. My goal: bring it back to a place I’m excited to spend time in; a place that’s cozy, functional and is “so me”. Enter lots of inspiration that eventually led to a game plan.

hayneedle porch inspirationInspiration image via Porch.com

What I really love about finding images of inspiration is that you don’t always have to mimic exactly what you see. When I try to translate exactly what I see, I always feel like I come up short because very rarely are you going to get the exact look. Instead, I love collecting these inspiration images and then reflecting on the specifics of the image that caught my eye. I used this strategy with the Porch inspiration photo above.

Things that caught my eye that I wanted to incorporate into my office:

1. Mix & Matched furniture
2. Plenty of seating for the space (my space is smaller and won’t fit all of that seating, but having plenty of seating makes the space cozy and inviting)
3. Rustic, Cozy, Warmth (Unfortunately, I do not have a fireplace to create literal warmth in my office. However, I could bring in a tad more wood + warm tones to create a feeling of warmth to the space).
4. Hints of PINK! <– incorporating pink into my space is such an unexpected move since I’m not a huge fan of PINK, but something about these hints of pink caught my eye. And if I’m going to incorporate a touch of pink, the office seems like the perfect place. Plus, the wood mixed with the pinks makes it less feminine and more of a design compromise. #winwin
5. A bold coffee table: that wood table picture is such a conversation starter, I love that!
6. Gallery Wall: I’m a sucker for a gallery wall and I already have one in my office, which helped me see a little bit of the existing space in this inspiration.

So after taking these 5 areas of inspiration into account, I went to work mixing & matching furniture, adding pink + wood + warm tones, reworking my existing gallery wall, and was eventually left with an updated office that I’m in LOVEEEEEE with.

First a little reminder of the before….
office progressAnd now….Bridget full verticalGold Office Makeover Trunk

I’m really diggin’ the new look, like literally, so excited about this new space! And I’m glad I was able to incorporate the design elements that originally caught my eye from that Porch photo.

1. Mix & Matched furniture — check.
2. Plenty of seating for the space — check.
3. Rustic, Cozy, Warmth — Added wood shelves + warm tones + gold — check.
4. Hints of PINK! — check.
5. Bold coffee table — check!
6. Gallery Wall — check.

trunkI scored this amazing gold trunk from a garage sale recently for $10 (specific details coming in a separate post next week)!! I I’m obsessed with how it fits into the room and reflects the gorgeous, yet subtle design from this wool rug. I looked for a long time to find the perfect rug for this space, and am so happy with this one, which I found on hayneedle.com. I think it’s the perfect mix of neutral colors + texture + subtle pattern.

office box storage

Storage is always at a premium in our small home, so adding extra storage space in this room was a priority. I found these rustic/industrial/functional shelves on hayneedle.com too; they were mailed right to our doorstep and they took me less than 20 minutes to put together (all by myself!).

printerThe shelves allowed us to finally add a printer into our office (more details + printer basket tutorial coming soon)! I am pretty obsessed with the fact that it’s hidden in this DIY basket and seamlessly blends into the decor.IMG_7900I store all of our electronic wires/cords in this drawer system and love how it’s paired with this garage sale elephant and hayneedle.com vase.
office storage box jewelry These decorative boxes offer even more secret storage for jewelry (gold box) and ink cartridges (pink box).

This $4.99 DIY table from yesterday’s post adds to that mix & match inspiration. <– I still can’t believe it was less than $5 either!! full verticalGold Office Makeover Trunk

office rugtrunkI can’t believe that just a few new items can make such a difference in creating a whole new look. I definitely achieved my goal of rejuvenating this space into a place I’m excited to work in again. Bring on the to-do lists, I can sit in here all day!
BridgetGold Office Makeover TrunkCrazy to think what a journey this space has been on so far. Looking back makes me appreciate the progress of our home sweet home even more.

Bridget Signature

PS. To see how two other bloggers used this same inspiration photo to refresh their spaces, click here! 

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