August Recap & Personal Updates

Bridget & CaseyAugust 31, 2015 Comments

August was a big month for us both. Casey bought a new home and Bridget headed back to work for another school year! Between working and moving, we’ve both had some jampacked August days. But we did manage to tackle quite a bit here on the blog too…Gold Office Makeover Trunk

elmer's office paint pen craft

 Behind the Blog This Month

Casey: The past 2 weeks have been CRAZY around here! We closed on our home, got started on some renovation projects, packed up our current place, cleaned our new place, and moved in…all in less than 14 days. Phew…this girl needs a nap!

Finn-tarp-augusta-homeowner-water damageWe did run into a little snafu during our first week of homeownership. Our floor guy called me one morning as he was staining the floors to let me know that water had seeped into the master bedroom through the sliding doors. There was a big storm the night before, so that was the culprit. We wanted to have someone come repair the seal right away, but because the floors were newly stained no one could even go inside the unit! So Finn & I tarped the outside of the doors for a few days until someone could come fix the seal on the door. I’m sure our new neighbors think we’re legit crazy. But everything is a-okay now! Oh the joys of being a new homeowner…

But as busy as it has been, I have never been more excited for anything. We’re making some serious progress and I’m determined to make this place truly feel like us and only bring items into our home that we both love.

IMG_0238On a less stressful note, I’ve been spending lots of time with my favorite little family. My brother, sister-in-law, and my new baby nephew. I can’t believe he is already over a month old! Time is flying…


St. Joe's Michigan Exterior Home

Bridget: I am officially back to WORK in the classroom (hence Casey’s amazing domination on the blog lately)! #bestpartnerever. But before Matt and I headed back to work, we were able to sneak away for a relaxing weekend with my family. We headed up to St. Joe’s, Michigan and had the opportunity to stay in the CUTEST NEIGHBORHOOD EVER. American FlagSt. Joe's Michigan Exterior Home St. Joe's Michigan Exterior Home

Each house was colorful, charming and oozed character. Beyond the chance to sit on the porch and drink coffee with my favorite people, spending time amongst such inspiration was SO MUCH FUN… and the perfect way to end one awesome summer!

But the reeeeeaaaaal reason we were up there was to support my big sister as she rocked another triathlon. The girl’s got some serious game and crossed the finish line looking like she could do the 70+ mile trek all over again. #mindblown #proudsisteriron man group beach St. Joe's Michigan

Fast forward a few weeks and I’m now back to reality (AKA no more sleeping in and enjoying the TODAY show over a cup of coffee like the good ol’ summer days). But as much as I L-O-V-E summer, I feel grateful for a job that I love, a new daily routine, and a blogging partner who has made my transition back to work a whole HECK-of-A-LOT easier. Bring it on September…
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