6 Steps to a Functional and Fashionable Bathroom

We have one bathroom in our house. ONE! I’m not complaining, just stating the facts. Believe it or not there are actually times I really love having just one bathroom… like when it’s time to clean the house. One and done!

Plus, having one smaller bathroom in our house forces us to use our space wisely and work hard to create a functional and fashionable bathroom. Here are the 6 tips that have helped us really appreciate our one and only…. bathroom.

Bathroom TipsIMG_98291. De-Clutter

Are you surprised that de-cluttering is #1 on the list?! We are all about getting rid of clutter around here while making sure what remains has a specific place to call home. So whether it’s your toilet paper holder, your soap dispenser or a few accessories, we suggest making sure everything has a functional and a very clear place to “live”. Plus, the bathroom is typically a smaller space so only allow items to stay that serve a function or that you absolutely LOVE. Beyond that, get rid of it…. no excuses! This minimal look will immediately make the space feel calmer, simpler, and fresh!

IMG_9851bathroom accessories 2. Make Wall Space & Extra Space Matter

Making wall space matter is extra important in a tiny bathroom like mine. Every square inch of our bathroom is valuable because it’s the only one we have in the house, so using every inch wisely is super important. I suggest hooks, towel racks, shelves, or Casey’s genius mason jar organizer. Any way that you can make your vertical space work for you is a good idea because it will make your space a lot more functional!


These hooks for example. They offer function by holding our towels, but they also double as some fresh white eye candy. #winwin
IMG_9877IMG_9831Not the most gorgeous look, but we mounted the toilet paper holder on the side of our vanity to take advantage of our vertical space and cut down on extra “stuff” that we would have to put on the floor if we didn’t end up mounting it.
Toliet PaperWe also used the back of the toilet for a tad more function. Having a few extra toilet paper rolls available prevents our guests from finding themselves in an awkward situation. If the space was a tad larger, I would have added some shelves to offer even more function/storage but unfortunately, the room was too small to make it work.

3. Match Finishes

The faucet(s) will probably determine where to start with the finishes. If your faucet is bronze, try to accessorize and stick with bronze metals when possible. Although it’s sometimes more than okay to mix finishes, bathrooms are so tiny, so sticking with one finish will make the space flow.

My faucets are a polished silver so I stuck with polished silver throughout the bathroom as much as I could. The porthole inspired light fixture, the additional light fixture above the mirror, the hooks, the shower curtain, the shower curtain hooks — all polished silver.

4. Include Art/Personality 

There’s always room for a little personalization! In order to add a little meaning and a “look” that satisfied both the Mr. and I, we decided on this simple, bold ampersand.
5. Bright Light is Important

Bright light is KEY in making your bathroom functional and extra pretty! We use bright lights in both of our light fixtures to really brighten the room as much as possible.

light bathroomIMG_9863We replaced all of our old bulbs with these CREE LED bulbs for a few reasons:

- the bulbs are supposed to last for over 20 years. How is that possible?!

- the bulbs are energy effecient and will save us money on our electric bill!!

- the bulbs have a frosted coating so as each of the bulbs peek out of the bottom of the fixture, you can only see a clean white coating on the bulb rather than clear glass with writing on it like other bulbs have. <– Love that!

6. Add Fresh Flowers for “Special Occasions” or just because!

Now this step is totally for extra credit and will probably only happen when you have company over. Take advantage of those opportunities to dress up your home by adding some fresh blooms to your bathroom. It sounds silly, but those fresh flowers seem to bring a whole new feel to a room that doesn’t have the “cleanest” reputation. I swear, every time I have flowers in our bathroom I do a double take followed by a little smile when I walk down the hall and pass the bathroom. Such a simple fix, but wow… such a treat! IMG_9822IMG_9828

So let’s review:

1. De-Clutter
2.  Make Wall Space Work for You!
3. Match Finishes
4. Accessorize and Personalize
5. Bright Lights are Key
6. Add Flowers

Bathroom TipsBridget Signature

 [Disclaimer: We were compensated by CREE to bring you this post. All thoughts, opinions and photography are our own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support this blog!]

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