Introducing Your Home Playbook

Over the past few months, I have been hard at work on a project called, Your Home Playbook. Today, I am so excited to be sharing it with all of you!

It’s been an exhausting (yet exhilarating!) road getting to this point. Now that launch day is finally here, I’m relieved to finally get this project into the hands of this community. Before I dive into the details of Your Home Playbook, I want to share the origin story of this idea with you.

A Focus On Homeownership

Last year, I finished renovating and designing many of the rooms in my home. Because I didn’t have any new and glamorous before and after projects to share, I switched gears to sharing more content around regular maintenance and general homeownership tasks.

How to repair a window screen

I was shocked by the reaction from my community! Many of you loved the new content and you told me that you felt empowered learning the ins and outs of your own home.

As I shared home maintenance tips like how to repair a window screen and how to change your air filters, I had many people inquire if I could create a home maintenance schedule or to-do list, so they could stay on top of these tasks. That got my wheels turning and I came up with an idea that I wish I would have had when Finn and I bought our own home….

What’s Your Home Playbook?

how to use your home playbook

I designed Your Home Playbook to help you keep your house running smoothly. It’s a 16-page Google Sheet that acts as your home’s diary. This home journal is a place to log important information, record maintenance tasks, and stay on top of necessary repairs.

It’s not designed for someone who wants to buy a checklist, get overwhelmed, and go back to ignoring their home. And it’s not just a logbook or a spreadsheet. Your Home Playbook is for people who are ready to build confidence in their home knowledge and take action! It’s for people who want to save money and cut down on unexpected repairs and premature deterioration of their homes.

Homes Don’t Come With Handbooks

Before video home tour

It’s always wild to me that we spend a crazy amount of money to buy a home. Then, we are given the keys and we have to figure out how the heck to take care of this huge asset, all on our own!

Your Home Playbook, the ultimate home maintenance checklist for your life

Homes should come with handbooks! Right? So Your Home Playbook is my solution to this problem.

What’s Inside Your Home Playbook?

What's inside your home playbook?

As I mentioned, this is a 16-page Google Sheet that you save directly to your Google Drive account. I like having a digital record in my Google Drive because I can access it from anywhere and on any device.

You can also print out Your Home Playbook as a pdf if you prefer to write things out by hand. However, there are many links to supplies and tutorials, within the document, that you’ll want to access digitally.

Your Home Playbook is broken up into three distinct sections.

Section 1 – Important Home Documents

Paint samples of various shades of gray and blue

Can you quickly access your home insurance policy number? What about that contact for your favorite plumber? Your Home Playbook will be your home’s digital diary for important information. You can log your home’s details, including appliance details, paint sources, contacts for your favorite home pros, a renovations log, and more.

These documents keep your home organized and come in handy when it’s time to sell. You can hand this information to your realtor and they will have all of the important details about the improvements you’ve made to your home.

Section 2 – Monthly Home Maintenance Checklist

A woman opening up a dishwasher in a kitchen to give it a deep clean

I consider this section to be the bread and butter of Your Home Playbook because this is where the real learning begins! I break down your annual home tasks into a monthly checklist, complete with tutorials and supplies.

More Than Just A Checklist

How to prep your backyard for winter

Yes, I know there are regular home maintenance checklists out there. However, I offer supply lists, videos, and blog post tutorials to go along with many of these simple tasks. I don’t just tell you what to do, but I often show you exactly how to do it.

No more Googling random things to figure out how the heck to change the dial on your humidistat or which way your ceiling fan should rotate each season. I’ve got you covered with seasonal maintenance!

I’m Your Accountability Buddy

Enjoying our new sofa to do some work

And here’s the best part – I am your accountability buddy when it comes to actually following through on that checklist. How? I’ll be sending an email your way on the first day of every month, reminding you to complete your tasks, along with tips and tutorials to get those jobs done right!

Consider this to be your ongoing monthly support.

Minor Issues Turn Into Major Problems

how to change air filter regularly

I know home maintenance can sometimes seem boring and not very glamorous. I get it! But home maintenance saves you big bucks in the long run. With a little action, you can prolong the life of your appliances, keep your home and family safe, and avoid unexpected repair costs down the line.

Your home is one of your biggest investments and with the proper care, you can keep it in great shape.

Section 3 – Home Renovation Prep

Finally, I’m your assistant when it comes to any home renovation project. I share the three sheets I use to stay organized through every major renovation project that I do in my own house. These are the exact sheets I use for planning, ordering supplies, and staying on a tight timeline.

If you have any large home renovation projects in your future, you will want to have these on hand!

How Does It Work?

You can head to this page to check out Your Home Playbook and purchase it. Once you buy it, you’ll have access to it forever, and you’ll automatically be added to my exclusive email list. I will be sending you monthly emails to keep you accountable for your routine maintenance tasks.

How to use your home Playbook for home maintenance checklist

After purchase, you’ll receive a unique link to your Google Sheet. You can then save it to your Google Drive or print it out.

How Much Does It Cost?

I am offering Your Home Playbook, with the three detailed sections, including videos, tutorials, supply links and the monthly maintenance email reminder for the low price of $49! This will be the best $49 dollars you have ever spent to keep your home looking and running smoothly, year after year!

This week only, I’m offering a discount to my amazing Playbook community. You can use the code “LAUNCH” to get 20% off.

That’s less than $40! What a terrific deal for something that will save you so much money in the long run! I’m confident that my guide will help you cut down on unexpected repairs and premature deterioration of your home. Your Home Playbook will help you keep your home in tip-top shape and will help you get top-dollar when it comes time to sell!

My 20% discount expires on Monday, April 22nd, so now’s a great time to buy!

Thanks For Your Support

Thanks for your support of Your Home Playbook

In my eleven-year career as an online creator, this is my first time selling something to my audience. It was a big learning curve to get this far and I’m so proud of how it turned out.

Thank you to this amazing community of readers for supporting all of my endeavors here on The DIY Playbook. I’m so lucky to have you!

You can buy Your Home Playbook right here.


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