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Wheelbarrow turned Fall Planter


The DIY Playbook is rounding up our FALL FANTASY DRAFT week with a project for the home. 

Technically this project is for the outside of the home…but hey, we don’t want to limit our creativity, so outside will just have to do! We’ll slap a Home and Garden tag on it and call it a day!

One of my favorite parts about DIY projects is when you take something that is heading to the garbage, and find a new life for it.  That is exactly what happened with this project.

My mom has this old, rusty wheelbarrow that she uses in her yard for mulching. Well the thing was on its last wheel leg…as the wheel was pretty deflated and useless.  She was just going to wheel it out to the garbage, and say her goodbyes.  But that’s when we thought of a new purpose for the ol’ guy!

red wheelbarrow
With a little creativity it went from a wheelbarrow…
fall wheelbarrow planter
…to a Fall planter, in no time at all!

At first we thought we should spray paint our new “planter”, but ultimately we decided we liked the rustic look that this guy had going on. The worn, red color gave it an autumn feel and we knew that would fit perfectly with the plants and flowers we had in mind.

Electric Drill
Drill holes in bottom
Jan using drill
The first thing we did was drill holes in the bottom of wheelbarrow. This is to ensure proper drainage for the plants. With the help of a large drill bit, electric drill, and some safety goggles…we had 5 holes in no time at all.

Next, we found a spot in my mom’s front yard and wheeled this sucker into place. We decided to angle the nose of the wheelbarrow down, so onlookers would have a great view of the plants. 

Digging holes

To do this we simply dug the wheel into the dirt a bit and slid her into place.

Wheelbarrow wheel
Wire to hold down wheelbarrow
We knew the planter might be a little bottom heavy, and we didn’t want the wheelbarrow to ever flip forward. So, we used wire to hammer the back into place. This sucker wasn’t going anywhere.

Garden soil
Planting mums
Finally, it was just a matter of filling our new “planter” with soil and our fall favorites.

Creeping Jenny plants
Swiss Chard
Phoenix Green Plant
We included mums, kale, phoenix green, swiss chard, and creeping jenny. They’re all supposed to grow well during these crisper days. We’ll see if we can keep them all alive and healthy! 

fall flowers in planter
Isn’t she a beaut?

fall wheelbarrow planter in front yard
We think it shows that our house is all ready for the changing season.

happy fall friday
We hope you guys loved our FALL FANTASY WEEK as much as we did! Be sure to check out Michelle’s, Clare’s, and Sarah & Tiffany’s projects out for some serious fall inspiration. 

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