It’s a ZOO around here!

Lately we’ve been noticing a trend with our shopping habits. We have both been gravitating towards “animal decor.”

Okay, that probably sounds insane. But after going over our recent purchases, we’ve realized that we keep incorporating all kinds of animals into both of our homes.
We’ve come to the conclusion that IT’S A ZOO AROUND HERE!
See…we told you there are animals galore!
You guys remember our recent visit to New Uses right? (Here’s our Scouting Report of the resale shop)
Well during that trip, we SCORED big time!
Casey snatched up this brassy owl. He was a steal at only $4.50.
She polished him up, and he now makes for a fabulous bookend.
This little owl ties in the gold accents that this shelf has going on (from the lettering on the spines of the books, to the gold rings on the $2 weather instrument…)

Bridget scored this $5 flying fish at New Uses as well.

You gotta love the drift wood base. With hints of natural blues mixed throughout, this cutie was practically flying off the shelves.

Because he is a flying fish, Bridget & Matt call him Midway (a shout-out to the airport that Matt grew up next to… get it?) If you’re going to buy decorative animals, you gotta give ’em a name as you welcome them into your home… right?

Check out Midway’s new digs. I love that he adds hints of the coast without being too “beach-y”. Although he’s one-of-a-kind, he does have some competition swimming around Casey’s shelves.

Casey spied another animal (mammal?) amongst the brimming New Uses’ shelves.
At only $4 this wooden whale was quite the score.
But the light wood didn’t really go with Casey’s home decor, so she decided to give it a nice coat of white spray paint.
White wooden whale on green bookshelf decor
Spray paint makes everything better!

Casey & Finn nicknamed him Whale (pronounced WAH-lay…like the rapper. Apparently they’ve got gangsta style going down in the Lou)

Wooden Whale spray painted white sitting on books
And finally to round out our little “zoo”, how could we forget about these charming lovebirds?
These chubby birds are actually salt and pepper shakers from Crate & Barrel. They were an Easter gift (Thanks Aunt Cheryl!), but they’re cute enough to be a part of the year-round decor.

Side Note: Bridget actually spotted these exact same lovebirds at the New Uses in Aurora! You never know what kind of decor people will bring into the store. They may still be there if you want to go snatch them up!

These birds may be salt and pepper shakers, but they seem very happy perched atop these books.

If you look closely, you’ll see Casey used game pieces to display her future wedding date (save the date y’all) in front of the chunky lil guys. 
Such a romantic little bookshelf for these lovebirds.

From flying fish to smooching lovebirds, we have quite the arrangement of animals making their way into our homes lately. These little creatures seem to add a pop of color, lots of charming character, and always come with the best stories. We hope that you can channel your inner animal-lover and keep your eyes peeled for a little critter to call your own.

So do you think we’re officially zookeepers? Do you guys have any “animal decor” going on in your homes? Animal print, actual animals, or maybe just a roommate that acts like an animal all count in our book! 
Unfortunately, next week’s line-up does not include any animals…. BUT it does include a birthday girl that may be celebrating like a wild animal. (Cough, cough, Casey). See you Monday…