Garage Cabinets: Take Two

I’m glad you survived yesterday’s dirty work. Now, onto the best part…revealing the dramatic makeover. These old, orange-ish cabinets are now… [insert drum roll here]
Cabinet makeover
Rustoleum Chalkboard
Chalkboard Doors

It took about five coats of chalkboard paint on both the cabinet doors and the cabinets themselves to create a legit chalkboard that could be written on & erased. Without several coats of chalkboard paint, chalk won’t show up properly on your project and you may have a hard time erasing.

Bottom line: the more coats the better. When you think you’re done, add another… trust me.

Chalkboard Garage
Conditioning a chalkboard

When the chalkboard painting is done, you’ll need to “condition” your new chalkboard. To do this, simply scribble all over the chalkboard…

…and then erase the chalkboard. Done & done. Simple enough… right? This will give your chalkboard an authentic, worn-out look, rather than a crisp, clean, black paint look. Plus, the chalkboard conditioning will help make future erasing much easier.

Chalkboard Cabinets

The only thing missing from these new cabinets? Hardware. Can you guess how I glammed up the original hardware?

Chalkboard Cabinets
White primer seemed too plain for this dramatic makeover so I added some…
Rustoluem Glitter Paint
Glitter Paint! (I accidentally forgot to tell Matt about this part. Who knew the man of the house wouldn’t appreciate glitter handles in his garage? Oops..)
Rustoleum Glitter hardware

About two coats of sparkle later, I felt like these gems were way too fancy for a garage. Then I realized, who doesn’t want a little glamour in their garage?

Glitter Hardware

After thirty years of grease, these cabinets and especially this hardware, deserved to be spoiled with a splash of glitter. It’s the least I could do…

Chalkboard Cabinet Makeover
Garage Cabinet makeover

Chalkboard and glitter
Check out the before & after.

Chalkboard Cabinet Makeover
But wait, the makeover didn’t stop there. I still needed to add the best part- CHALK! To ensure an organized space, I drew a picture of whatever each cabinet held. Not only would I be able to find each item far more quickly, I’d also be able to identify exactly where to put it back!
Chalk Painted Cabinets
Chalk Paint
Can you guess what’s in this cabinet? If you guessed my collection of hammers and nails… you’re right!
Chalk on Cabinets
We keep an extra radio for the garage in this cabinet, along with some garden sprays, extra light bulbs and new garbage bags. Knowing exactly where to find things and put things back makes this organizational tool extremely effective, while also being very quirky and fun.
Chalk Painted Cabinets

From old and orange to sparkling chalkboard, thanks for sticking with our two day journey of cabinet drama. I promise we’ll be back with something colorful, crafty, and less garage-ish tomorrow!

  • Stacey

    I’m a huge fan of chalkboard paint. Love your drawings on the cabinets! Very inspiring!!

  • Thanks @Stacey!! They’re fun, fashionable and functional. #triplethreat

    Thanks for stopping by!