Video Tutorial: How to Make a DIY Marble Tray

We’re not gonna lie. We’ve seen about a dozen amazing DIY marble tray ideas out there in the blogosphere and we’re guessing you have too. Because let’s be real, who doesn’t want an inexpensive way to add this luxe material into their home?

DIY Marble Tray
How to create a DIY marble tray on a budget

After reading many different tutorials for this DIY marble tray, we came up with our own version that fits our style (& budget). I think it cost us around $15 in supplies for each tray! You certainly can’t buy one in the store for that price.

Obviously, the big supply for this project is the marble itself. We thought it would be fairly easy to find an extra slab of marble at our local hardware store, but we had no luck. So instead, we headed to a flooring store in our hometown. We swooned when we say a marble sample on display and we immediately asked to buy it. Sadly, the store wasn’t willing to part with their display piece.  But lucky for us, the sales lady was able to order 2 new sample pieces for us at $7 a pop. She did think we were a little crazy (what are these 2 girls going to do with these random pieces of marble?), but a week later our samples were in and we were ready to begin our project. Just goes to show that sometimes it doesn’t hurt to ask (with a smile on your face, of course!)

The silver tray handles were leftover from this mini dresser refresh. Remember how I (Casey) originally ordered the wrong size for my dresser? Well, I was finally able to put my too large handles to good use for this project! We love how sleek these ones look, but brass or shiny gold would look fantastic too!IMG_0169We shared the full tutorial on a recent episode of the WGN-TV show, Weekend Workbench. Check out the video for the step-by-step, or watch if you just want to see our goofy mugs on-camera!

Video Tutorial: How to Make a DIY Marble Tray


We styled the tray in the kitchen for the TV segment, but we’ve since moved our trays around both of our homes. This DIY marble tray makes for some seriously gorgeous decor, so we decided to style it in a few other ways too. Love this easy piece of decor for your home!


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