1 Item…3 Ways: Blue Vase

In honor of our partnership with HomeGoods, we decided to start a mini series (even a mini “challenge” if you will) here on DIY Playbook. We are calling it: 1 Item…. 3 Ways. Can you guess what it’s about?
We wanted to focus on how we could use some of our treasures in more ways than one, so we started challenging ourselves (and YOU!) to do the following…
 Buy one item and try to use it THREE different ways in your home. 
The first item on our roster…
… this blue vase/jug/who knows really? We found this super adorable treasure from HomeGoods and instantly started brainstorming how shoppers, readers, and rookies like us could get even more “bang for your buck” by using this item in more ways than one.
For only $3.99, boy did we get a whooollleee lot of bang for our few single bucks.
So what did we do with this charming blue jar with a cork on top? Let’s take a look, shall we?
#1. Flower Vase: This seemed like the obvious solution when we first picked this vase up. The blue glass seemed like the perfect contrast for some bright, springtime flowers.
The detail in the blue vase makes these flowers feel a bit fancy. It almost looks like we’re using a super expensive glass vase to display these bright tulips.
#2. Cute Coin Collector: Because who doesn’t have a place to toss extra coins? This blue container not only doubles as a pretty stellar coin collector, but also a super cute shelf accessory with a purpose.
Change holder
Change holder on a shelf
3 ikea shelves
The coolest part of this coin collector is that the coins are almost camouflaged behind the detailed glass. It makes the coin collection a little less obvious and far more acceptable out in the open. You don’t have to be nervous that your cousin’s boyfriend is going to rip off your stash… only because he has no clue that it’s there. (We won’t tell him)…
old camera and record album
3. Bath Salt Jar: And rounding out the many functions of this one item…a bath salt holder!
Bath salts
Having a glamorous container full of bath salts will bring you a whole new sense of calm at the end of a long work day.
vase in bathroom
You can even pair your spa-jar next to your favorite soaps, lotions, and glamorous bathroom essentials.
bath salts
So what do you think?! Which function is your favorite? Did we pass our first challenge? Are you jumping on the 1 item, 3 ways bandwagon?! We’d love to see what you come up with! Share your ideas, suggestions, or pictures with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!
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(Disclaimer: We have received free product from HomeGoods in connection to their Happy By Design program. All styling, ideas, and opinions are our own.)

  • Runt

    Loooove that vase! And love the concept of using the item in more than one way. That’s definitely something I need to start thinking about when home shopping.

  • Thanks so much, Runt! Can you believe it was only a couple bucks?!