Bedside Charging Station

I have a $2.99 update that has CHANGED MY LIFE.

…. Welllllll maybe that’s a tad dramatic, but today’s bedside charging station definitely changed the landscape of my bedroom & cut down on my bedside clutter and to me, that’s pretty darn awesome life changing!

beside charging stationSo let’s chat about phone chargers, shall we? charging failThis is how I previously charged my phone. Every single night, on the floor, next to my bed, in the most un-glamorous way I can imagine. When we had people over, I would unplug this eyesore and put it in my nightstand until our company left, at which point I would haul this bad boy right back out to go back on the floor. It was inconvenient, ugly, and just looking at it annoyed me. (side note: ignore the baseboard – it’s in the middle of makeover).

two drawers

That’s when I spotted this $2.99 treasure at Goodwill and eventually knew it was the answer to all my phone charging annoyances. charging station beforeI found this box at Goodwill, but I think similar ones are sold at large craft stores in their wood section, or I even saw some at IKEA after some further investigation. They’re not the exact same but will do the same job.
goodwill findThe drawers were perfect to hide some bedside essentials and could easily be taken out, which is what I planned to do with the top drawer.

IMG_1022In order to be able to fit my phone charger through the back of the unit, I drilled a tiny hole in the back of the box. It definitely does not have to be perfect since you can’t really see all the way to the back.

IMG_1025I spray painted the box white…

stain drawer… and stained the drawer using Jacobean Miniwax. I figured I could be a little adventurous on the first drawer because if I hated it I still had that first drawer as a back-up plan.

add linerThis next step is completely unnecessary but I appreciate the little details (and color) in any DIY, so lining the drawers was a fun “extra”. Plus it took an extra 15 minutes so what the heck?!

wrapping paper

mod podgedrawer linerI used old wrapping paper to line the drawer. I guess the biggest tip I have is to make sure you iron out the air bubbles under the paper with a straight edge. Not that the air bubbles really matter since they will be inside of a drawer, but they drive me crazy so ironing those out with an old wood scrap (or credit card) was essential (kinda similar to when Casey used wrapping paper on her Ikea dresser in this post!)

drawer liner

Once all of the parts were dry, I put the drawer back into place and filled this bedside charging station up with all of the essentials.

Cell phone charging stationA phone charger being the most essential of course. I poked the front of the charger through the hole I had drilled and plugged in the back of the charger to the wall. I can’t believe how this little unit offers my bedside SO much extra storage!

bottom drawerNot only can it hold the accessories that were already there, this charging station also holds the remote controls, my glasses, a coaster for those amazing weekend mornings when I have coffee in bed, and a ring holder that seems to catch all of the bobby pins and hair ties that I forget I have in until I’m already in bed. See why this $2.99 investment is LIFE CHANGING?!

books and coralI love all of the function t offers, but I also love that this functional space can be fashionable too. Why can’t we have both?!

bedside tableI was originally a little nervous to stain the drawer instead of paint it all white, but I’m totally digging the two-tone look and how it ties in the dark, World Market bedside table. (I was inspired by Casey’s two-tone piece in her living room, which ironically was also a two dollar steal!) 

books and coralI scored these books at garage sales and the piece of coral on clearance at HomeGoods. I love, love, love that “My Mom: Style Icon” sits on my bedside. It is a constant reminder that my amazing mom really is my style icon plus the styles throughout the book are pretty inspiring and always fun to flip through!

drawer details The drawer is very valuable real estate because it offers a place to throw the remote controls, or “beepers” as I call them. I’m a big fan of making sure everything in our house has a specific “home”. With this cozy little home base we always know where to find these suckers, but more importantly, we know where to RETURN them too!

remote controlMaster bedroom

bridget's bedroom

Who knew a $2.99 treasure on the shelves of Goodwill could be such an amazing addition to our house?

beside charging stationSo let’s chat. What do you do with your phone charger?! I’d love to hear how you creatively combat this everyday issue. I can’t be the only one that had a phone charger lurking on the floor of her bedroom for two years…. can I?

  • Julianne

    This is awesome!! I’m totally going to do this!
    I just created a charging station on the other side of our bedroom for the ipads, kindle, and ipods to live, but the phone is still plugged in across the wall from the nightstand each night. This would be SO much better!

  • dskibbe

    Love it! Consider me inspired!

  • DanielleSig

    This is such a great idea! Definitely want to do something similar for my nightstand. This may be a silly question, but how were you able to paint deep inside the shelves? I am about to tackle painting a dresser that has a similar situation as a top shelf and I’m wondering how to paint it?

    • Great question! I actually spray painted the entire thing, so I just made sure to do the very back first by getting my spray bottle as deep back there as I could. The area would have been too tight to ever get my hand back there to paint… so the spray paint totally worked out. Hope that helps!

  • Alysia @ Slim Sanity

    I’ve been wanting to do something like this, along with decorating our bedside tables. But, I hesitate to do much shopping around for anything (even Goodwill), because I want new bedside tables that are bigger. Ours right now are mismatched and kinda small surface. I don’t wanna buy something that won’t work when we get new furniture!

    • I could not agree more, Alysia. I’m just like you and would rather not tackle anything until I have a piece that I love and have a clear direction of where the room is heading. By starting it now without that “vision”, I find that I once I find that “vision”– I start hating the original project. So I would agree… WAIT until you LOVE the new look!!

  • Chelsea

    As always, love it!

  • Ahhh wow. I’m about to move and design a new bedroom and I am 100% going to try to do or find something similar. Love it!!

  • Paula

    Looks great. I am going to do something similar for my home phone on my kitchen counter. I want something to put in on and have storage underneath for notepad, papers etc…. What a great idea, thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks so much Paula! Sounds like a great idea to put this on your kitchen counter to hide all of those items. Good luck with the project!

      B & C

  • Karyn Hoekema Woodard

    Great project!! Can I ask do you use an alarm clock also? Or do you use your phone?

    • Thanks so much Karyn! We use our phones for our alarms in the morning!

  • hrhSarah

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for! I recently went from just a phone, to a phone and 2(!) tablets! All the extra cord nonsense has been driving me crazy, looking like something from Chrstmas vacation on my beside table! 😉

    • So glad this helped, Sarah! We feel ya with the wires, it’s hard to keep everything charged AND looking organized!!