Glitz, Glam, and not-so-gold Bedroom Mirror

Yesterday, I showed you guys our gorgeous new tufted headboard for our master bedroom. It definitely added dimension to the space and makes it feel much more complete, yet you could tell the area was still missing a little somethin’ somethin’.Need-something-over-bedThe area above the new headboard was begging for some action. I knew that I needed to find something great to add some height to the wall. I didn’t want to do frames because on the opposite wall you’ll find two picture ledges full of them! Then, I thought maybe a big canvas with some art might look nice. But to the right of the bed, you’ll find our quote on canvas sitting atop our large dresser.

So my choice? A round and quirky convex mirror!

Home-Decorators-Collection-MirrorI found this mirror online at Home Decorators Collection and immediately fell in love with the style. Because it’s convex (very similar to Bridget’s mirror found here) I figured it would add tons of light to the space. Outdoor light would come in through the windows and bounce right off of the mirror, illuminating the entire space (or at least that’s how it went down in my head.) It was a tad pricier than Bridget’s FREE mirror – seriously, how does that girl find such great scores?! – but I took the plunge and purchased it online before I could think twice.

Gold-rimmedWhen it came I knew that it would work perfectly in the space. I loved the shape, the size, the hint of glam it had going on. The only thing that wasn’t working for me? The inner gold rim on the mirror. I liked it a lot…I mean who doesn’t love gold? But we have absolutely z.e.r.o. gold in our master bedroom. Zip, zilch, nada, nothing. No gold accents going on in our master bedroom whatsoever. But we do have a heck of a lot of silver…

How to Paint a Gold Mirror Silver

Metallic-PaintSo I grabbed some painter’s tape, silver paint, and a brush and got to work transforming my mirror from gold…to silver.

Silver-Painted-Convex-MirrorThat teeny tiny DIY made the mirror fit our room that much better. It took about 15 minutes to paint, and now the silver mirror looks pretty dang good in the space.

Master-Bedroom-with-mirrorIt just goes to show that you don’t need to keep everything you buy as is. Sometimes it’s worth a little extra effort to make a piece work for your space. Don’t pass up something you love when you can easily transform it with a little bit of elbow grease!

Now cue the eye candy of our new headboard and glam mirror combination…

Gray-Headboard-White-MirrorSide Note: It’s sooooo hard to take pictures of a mirror without actually being in the shot. So I seriously (no joke) coordinated my outfit to our room colors so you wouldn’t be able to spot me from a mile away! I wore a gray and white ensemble during this photo shoot. Let’s play the game…how many times do you spy Casey in these photos?


How to paint a gold mirror silverThere isn’t much more to say except I’m head-over-heels in love with this glitzy mirror and our new and improved master bedroom. The soft rug, plush headboard, and glam mirror have really taken this room to the next level and I couldn’t be happier to share this retreat with my sweetheart.