Gray Curtains in the Office

Truth: I love sunshine. I love it in the afternoon, I love it at dinner time, but I love it most in the very early morning. The brighter and lighter… the better. I’m one of those crazy people who looks forward to glaring sunshine filling my bedroom at the crack of dawn. (Don’t believe me, ask my college roomie who ironically would prefer to wake up in a cave…?! I’ll never understand!). You can imagine how happy she was with me when I enthusiastically pulled back those curtains at 7am each Saturday morning. #yikes

Before curtains for the office, the drab blinds let light in but looked lack-lusterThankfully, my college roomie and I are still BFF’s- going strong since the 7th grade! I attribute our friendship success to the extra dosages of Vitamin D, but I think she may describe it otherwise. Anyways…. allow me to detour BACK to the topic at hand here. Curtains.

I haven’t really thought about incorporating curtains in our house because I love sunshine and would hate to hinder the natural light in our home with these long panels. Plus, we have sleek white blinds (which I LOVE) that cover the privacy checklist, and with our home having smaller rooms, I often feel as though curtains can make our spaces seem more cluttered/cramped/choppy.  Well that’s until now…. when my opinion on curtains has completely changed for the better.

We added simple grey curtains to bridget's office for an added touch of classWe added these long, grey paneled curtains to our office and could not be more excited for the coziness and warmth they add to the space! I finally feel like this corner is complete (or at least for now…).

The window without curtains looked plain and unfinishedI always felt like something was missing in this space. I love the couch under the window, yet I  always felt like it needed “something” to make it complete. It needed a little more color & texture to compliment the couch and a little extra layering to complete the look… yet I was not willing to sacrifice any of that generous light that streamed in all day long so I was hesitant to commit to curtains.

Adding curtains and some art pieces livened up the roomBut what was I ever hesitant about?! How was I never on Team Curtain before?! #rookiemistake

These grey HomeGoods curtains were a little pricey for our taste but they look great against the bright windowThe curtains were a little bit more than I anticipated at a whopping $39.99 from HomeGoods. I’m sure I could have gotten a similar look for a tad less, but I couldn’t find fabric/liner or another product that I felt matched the quality of these. I was sold on this specific set of panels because of the thick, rich quality. They’re soft, have a faint pattern, and are double-sided (white on the opposite side) & super durable.

The simple chevron pattern on these curtains is subtle and sweetI’m totally digging the slight hints of chevron without being over-the-top. I bought both panels in one pack and hung them exactly how you see them.

Only two panels are enough for this window for decorative purposesBecause I only bought two panels, I’m not looking to actually pull them along the rod and use them for privacy.. that’s what the blinds are for. I’m using mine strictly for fashion purposes… bring on the light!

This light grey chevron is subtle and the color goes perfectly with the rest of the roomI actually had a hard time finding a color and pattern combo that I loved. I hmm-ed & haw-ed quite awhile before stumbling upon this pair. I still wasn’t even sure if I wanted to commit to curtains, let alone what pattern! Did I want a busy pattern, a thick two-tone striped pattern, a more bold color, or even an ombre look? Or did I want to ditch the whole shopping experience and opt to DIY these suckers?! That’s when HomeGoods swooped in and solved this curtain drama once & for all.

These HomeGoods curtains add just enough of a decorative touch to complete the officeEverything in the room just feels better now that these curtains are in place… like our beloved Allen + Roth fixture from Lowe’s.

What a difference! Side note: I bought the sleek rod at HomeGoods too for $19.99. Remind me next time to never, ever, ever hang a curtain rod alone again… especially when it’s my first one! #notfun

New office curtains are exactly what this office needed for an extra decorative touchBut so worth it! If you haven’t noticed, I also added some artwork on the wall. I’m dishing the deets and sharing lots of eye candy tomorrow! Blog teaser– each piece of amazing & personal art was STORE-BOUGHT and around $13. You bring the coffee & I’ll bring the sunshine, we have lots to discuss tomorrow morning.

bridget Wait, don’t leave me just yet! Any curtain experts reading? Do you have any tips, tricks or strategies on picking the perfect curtain? It’s not official yet, but I think I may be officially joining Team Curtain.