Happy Valentine’s Day

We know we’re a day early, but we couldn’t resist getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit today on the blog. Even though we’re not the biggest fans of V-Day, you bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow we’ll be hanging with our hubbies, while indulging in plenty o’ treats!


We love the look of conversation hearts in a bowl as a way to add a little holiday spirit into our kitchens. They may not be the best tasting candy, but they sure are cute.

(Fun Fact: For our little “photo shoot”, we accidentally purchased conversation hearts in Spanish! You should have seen our bewildered faces as we combed through the pile looking for ones that made sense to us. No hablo espanol. Oops….)


We hope you enjoy this LOVE filled day and take some time to tell the important people in your life just how special they are. Happy Friday & Happy Valentine’s Day… we heart you!