My Favorite Fall Home Decor

Now that it’s mid-October, it truly does feel like fall here in Chicago. We’ve had so many crisp sunny days and I’m here for it. Every morning, we walk Rory to school and it’s the perfect temperature outside. No sweating at 8 am! We stroll and look at all of the trees changing colors and the pretty porches covered with pumpkins. I wish it could always be October!

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Marble Fruit Bowl // Vase (Goodwill) // Stems // Eucalyptus Leaves

Today, I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite fall home decor. My amazing assistant, Lindsey, has been doing some awesome fall round-ups for me over on Instagram and I thought I should put all of her finds into one big blog post for you to see here. So let’s get to it!

Fall Home Decor

my favorite fall home decor

Fluted Planter: This concrete planter comes in so many sizes. You could use it for herbs in your kitchen or get the big one for mums on your front porch!

Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: One of my good friends swears by this cookbook. I’m all about simple cooking, so I need to scoop it up.

Dried Grass Wreath: I adore this take on fall with pretty mauve and blue dried flowers. The flowers were grown on a flower farm in Mexico. How cool.

Striped Pillows: $19 for a set of two pillow covers. You can’t beat that price.

Cookbook Stand: Well, this is just beautiful. Functional and gorgeous decor for your kitchen. Yes, please!

Wood Tray: I use trays all around our house for decorating. They can work in the kitchen to corral countertop clutter, to serve treats at a party, or on your coffee table for the remote control, books, and a candle.

Ceramic Pumpkin Jar: I love a cute spot to stash some candy or treats on our countertops.

Coffee Mug: There’s nothing like hot coffee on a crisp morning. This mug is perfection.

Seagrass Basket: Add some texture and storage to your home.

Throw Blanket: This plaid throw adds the perfect amount of pattern to a space. Drape it on the side of an armchair for a little extra coziness.

My favorite fall home decor

Candle Accessories Kit: Want to keep your candles burning longer? Use the correct tools! I use this budget-friendly kit to snuff our candles, trim the wicks, and keep them looking good. You can read more of my candle tricks in this blog post.

Fall Landscape Print: This landscape print can be downloaded right from home. Then, you can use my trick to make it look like a painting and pop it in my fave gold frame.

Chunky Knit Blanket: So.much.texture! I adore these blankets. The perfect fall home decor.

Faux Gourd: Pottery Barn sells some really great faux pumpkins and gourds. This one is a little cutie!

Black Candlesticks: These are sleek and modern and would make a fun touch for Halloween decor.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven: Bring on all of the fall soups and stews, please.

Hello Fall Candle: One of my favorite candle brands always knows how to take my money. Ha! This fall scent is fantastic.

Buffalo Check Outdoor Rug: I’m all about layering my doormats to make more of a statement. Put this outdoor rug underneath your traditional doormat for a fun look.

Welcome Fall Doormat: Well, isn’t this just the cutest doormat for fall you ever did see?!

Tapered Candles: These autumn colors are gorgeous! Swap out your regular white candlesticks for these during the fall season.

Weathered Vase: I love the rustic look of this vase. It comes in two sizes that would work well on a dining table or entryway.

Let’s Talk Faux…

Fall Video 2019
Our Fall Front Porch – 2019

I’m working on our fall front porch and it can be so tricky for a few reasons. Number one, the dang squirrels. The squirrels in our neighborhood are ruthless. They dig through the planters and then dirt gets everywhere and they take bites out of all of the pumpkins. I can create a beautiful front porch and then I walk outside the next day and it’s a disaster zone!

Our fall front porch

Number two, I tend to kill mums almost immediately. I know they need lots of water and I give it to them, but without fail, in a week or two, they are dried up and crispy. Anyone else? This year, I’m thinking I may do a craft to create some mum planters – but with fake stems. I’m not so certain I can pull it off, but stay tuned for that. If you don’t want to go the DIY route, there are some faux mums planters that you can buy, pre-made. They just might cost you a bit.

I’ve also started looking into some faux pumpkins. I’ve had faux ones in the past, but they were pretty fake looking. They make faux ones these days that are so realistic looking that it’s hard to tell the difference. Just take a look at this one! Or this one! Can you even believe that they’re fake?! Every fall, we drop so much money on new pumpkins that it might make sense for us to get a few of these nicer ones to use year after year.

How to make yummy taffy apple pizza

Finally, I hope everyone has a wonderful fall weekend ahead. Maybe you can make the taffy apple pizza that I shared earlier this week. It’s such a hit, I promise! Or peruse this post with all of my favorite fall home projects. That candle trick is such a good one…


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