Hallway Board and Batten: Reveal

Stick a fork in her…

… the Hallway Board and Batten is D-O-N-E!

Thanks to my amazing dad, we were able to caulk, prime and paint the hallway last weekend and finally check this looming DIY off of our to-do list. It’s pretty crazy to think that this DIY has literally been on my to-do list for OVER a year. And after two weekends worth of work, it’s looking better than I ever imagined it would. (Totally worth the wait…)

IMG_0083Like I mentioned in our progress post, we used this tutorial by Young House Love to complete our board and batten project. Although we made some small tweaks to fit our hallway, we found the tutorial to be spot-on (well, except for the price point). We didn’t have leftover paint like YHL and had to buy all of the wood. So, I would say the project costs more like $115(ish) instead of the $57 bargain in the tutorial.
IMG_0077Some random information:

  • The board and batten hits the 36 inch mark on the wall instead of YHL’s 40″.
  • The vertical boards are 14 inches a part (pretty much on every stud) – important tip here.
  • We primed all of the board and batten before we painted it white.
  • We did end up re-painting the wall itself, only because it needed some TLC even before we started the project.
  • We also repainted the baseboard just to make sure the new white matched perfectly.
  • We used white caulk along every single “seam” that the pieces of wood matched up to the wall (possibly a tad of overkill, but worth it to us).
  • Wall color: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore
  • Board and Batten Paint: Satin Enamel White
  • Outlet covers: need to be changed to white ASAP <– add it to the to-do list.



Now that the board and batten is done, the hallway is just so much brighter and seems so much bigger/longer. Plus, I feel like the added detail makes the space seem a little “richer” and not so “blah” <– if that makes ANY sense at all?

IMG_0072I’d say this $100+ investment was totally worth it! The hallway looks great plus I feel like I really learned a lot in the process, which is major bonus since now I seem to have the board and batten itch. (Un-Diagnosed by a professional, but the symptoms are all there… trust me)

I’m no doctor, but I hear the only way to cure the board and batten itch is to tackle another board and batten project. <– doctor’s orders?Bridget Frames Hallway Board and Batten

Update: We added frames to the hallway recently — here’s the post with all the details. Bridget SignatureIf you missed the dirty progress details from this project, check out this post.


  • Summer Hogan

    So good ladies! It looks amazing! This is definite a to do for me!

  • Joanna Walters

    This is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it!!

  • This gives such a nice polished and intentional look to the space! It turned out great, thanks for sharing the details and final reveal.

  • Looks great! I love these types of extra details in homes. Gives them a lot of character in my opinion!

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay Weighs In

    Oh my gosh, this is BEAUTIFUL! Wow!

    • Thanks Lindsay!! You and that amazing back splash, you could totally tackle this!!

  • This is awesome!! Looks great and I agree, really make it “richer”. Fantastic job!

  • Heather

    WOW! Just wow! And 36″ looks great! I measured out our walls and can’t go higher than 36″ because of the outlets and that height looks perfect! Great job!

  • Katie

    Looks great! Did you find caulking easy, hard, in between? Have to do some this weekend on a project but every time I’ve used a caulk gun my hand basically turns into a cramped claw! So kind of nervous.

    • I completely agree!! I don’t know if there’s a way around that…. those darn caulk guns are tough to grip for long periods of time. Good luck!! Let me know if you figure out a tick 😉

  • My hallway looks exactly the same, minus the door and I will definitely do this on summer! Thanks for the link guide!