How to Clean the Mason Jar Organizer

Over the course of our blogging journey, there is one project that has consistently performed well for us…our mason jar organizer.

Mason-Jar-Organizer-2This bad boy has been featured all over the web and it’s been the most popular project on our site. Who knew people loved mason jars so darn much?!

But when things are popular on the internet, there’s always bound to be some controversy and opposing opinions. #ohhhhhboy

Yep, this DIY project has started some debates. 98% of people love it, and then the other 2% are very concerned about keeping this organizer sanitized in the bathroom.  But I have two very simple solutions to put the debate to rest and keep the 2% of haters quiet.

Keep it Clean

1. You can always screw the mason jar lids on to keep your cotton balls, q-tips, and other bathroom items safe from dust. There’s no need to keep them open, I just simply like the look (& accessibility) of the open jars.

Mason-jar-flowers2. You can easily unscrew the jars and throw them into the dishwasher to get them sparkly clean again!

How to Remove the Mason Jars

The only tool you need is a flat head screwdriver. Mason-Jar-OrganizerUnscrew-mason-jar-organizer-bathroomSTEP 1: Take the screwdriver and insert it into the end of the hose clamp. Unscrew-mason-jar-organizer-to-cleanSTEP 2: Slowly loosen the clamp so the ring gets looser and wider. Be sure to hold onto the jar as it loosens up.


STEP 3: Slide your jar out of the clamp.


STEP 4: Throw the jar in the dishwasher and get it nice & clean!


That’s seriously all it takes. No reaching into the jar to try to clean it. No cramping your hand to smoosh to the bottom. 1 tool, 4 steps, and your mason jar organizer looks good as new. Yellow-Flowers-Mason-Jar

Here are some of the supplies used to create and clean this DIY project (affiliate links used for your convenience)

If you still haven’t created a mason jar organizer of your own, take a look at the step-by-step and give it a try! We think they’re great for just about any room (perhaps an office to hold pens & markers, or a kitchen to hold silverware)…the possibilities are endless!

mason jar organizerHow to Create a Mason Jar Organizer – Video


  • RhondaK

    I had probs with the hose clamps..screwing the screws into it..any suggestions?