How to Install a New Shower Head

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I didn’t plan on touching any of the plumbing when I first started this mini bathroom makeover… heck, I didn’t really plan on any of these recent updates until I hung our dreamy new mirror. But when Waterpik reached out and invited us to review their new Torrent PowerSpray+ shower head, I thought, “what’s one more project on the to-do list at this point?!” and eagerly agreed.

Waterpik Shower Head Installation


My old shower head wasn’t necessarily bad, it just didn’t have any spray options. I was excited to install this new shower head because it has 9 different spray options, which I was hoping would make rinsing the shampoo & conditioner out of my super thick hair a lot easier… meaning quicker showers!

How to Install a New Showerhead

waterpik_shower_faucet_bathroom_toolsI have never installed a shower head before. I videotaped the process for the video in this post, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the entire install only took me 2 minutes and 50 seconds! All I needed for the project was channel lock pliers (I bought a pair for $10) and plumber’s tape. This Waterpik shower head cost $35 so this entire project, including new supplies, costs me less than $50!

Video Testimonial – Waterpik Shower Head Installation

P.S. Did anyone else notice during the installation time-lapse when I drop the plumber’s tape?! Ha! The roll went everywhere…

waterpik_shower_faucet_bathroom-5Rating My New Shower Head

Overall, I’m happy with the new shower head, but here’s even more honest feedback to consider. On a scale from 1-5 stars, here’s how I would rate the Waterpik Torrent PowerSpray+ in each of these categories:

  • Innovation – 5 stars *****

    • I love that this shower head saves 1/2 a gallon of water per minute, has 9 spray options, was super easy to install.
  • Performance – 4 stars ****
    • Better than my last shower head, love the different spray options, loses one star for massage power… not as strong as I anticipated but still better than my last.
  • Massaging Power – 3 stars ***
    • I think the stream of water on the “massage” setting is perfect for getting my shampoo and conditioner out faster, but I don’t know if I would use that setting as a powerful massage all over my body (TMI?). I actually don’t mind that though, because I like the idea of saving water over having an uber powerful massage. That’s just me though…
  • Style + Design – 5 stars *****
    • Sleek, stylish, love the hint of black.

* Waterpik shower heads available at Target, Wal-mart & Home Depot.waterpik_shower_faucet_bathroom-4

Would I recommend you changing your shower head if you’re not happy with your current one? YES! It takes a couple of minutes and I promise if I could do it, so can you!

Would I recommend you get a shower head with different spray options? YES! I’m obsessed with the spray options!

Would I recommend the Waterpik Torrent PowerSpray+? Yes! For the affordable price point, I think this shower head has a lot to offer and is a great addition to our upgraded bathroom makeover.


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