My 2021 Daily Must-Haves

I always love the months after my reader survey because I get to write posts that I know many of you actually want to read. Today, I’m sharing my daily must-haves and this was a topic idea from a reader  – thank you! Although I’ll admit, I’m not so certain any of my items are that revolutionary and some are a tad boring – looking at you, toothbrush! I actually spent a week going through my daily motions, taking note of the items that I use pretty much every day. From fashion, to beauty, to home, here are my daily must-haves.

my daily must-haves in 2021

Undereye Concealer // Slippers // The Wet Brush // Water Bottle // Electric Toothbrush // Equilibria Women CBD // Monogram Necklace // Tinted Lip Balm // Trello // Retinol

My Daily Must-HavesMy 2021 Daily Must-haves

I decided to keep my list to “me only”, meaning I didn’t include any of the daily must-haves that I use to take care of Rory. That would be another post in itself. So with that being said, let’s dive into each item and chat about why I love it so very much.

Born This Way Concealer

If I could only wear one makeup product it would be this. This concealer is the absolute freakin’ best. It erases the dark circles under my eyes and the redness around my nose. I wear this, without fail, every day.

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Fuzzy Slippers

A year ago, slippers probably wouldn’t have topped my list of daily must-haves. But now that I’m home all day every day, I rarely wear real shoes. Instead, you’ll often find me with these inexpensive slippers on my feet.

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The Wet Brush

I have very fine, thin hair and I’ve lost a lot of it over the last few years (first during fertility treatments and now postpartum). I use this brush when I get out of the shower and it’s a great detangler, while being gentle on my locks.

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Monogram Necklace

If I have jewelry on, chances are I’m wearing my beloved “R” necklace. This was a gift from a friend right after I had Rory and I love keeping my “R” close to my heart all day.

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Electric Toothbrush

A toothbrush…such a glamorous addition to my must-have list! I bought mine directly from my dentist a few years back. I was having some gum inflammation and he recommended an electric toothbrush. This is the exact one I have and it’s great.

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Retinol Cream

I’ve been using this retinol cream for the last six months and it’s fantastic. I have dry skin and other retinols have further irritated my sensitive skin. This one is effective and doesn’t dry me out. I buy it directly from my dermatologist, but you can also get it online. Pricey, but a holy grail skincare product.

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What Are Your Daily Must-Haves?

I love learning about new products from friends, family, and other bloggers that I follow. I find that some of my favorite items are ones that I hear about from someone else. So, tell me, what are your daily must-haves? Anything that has made your life better that you want to share? I’m all ears…


P.S. I couldn’t write this post without saying a big Happy Birthday to my mom, Jan! Her birthday was yesterday and she is officially retiring. I am so proud of her and all of the amazing work she has done all of these years. Happy Birthday, Mom!

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