Deciding On A Front Door Color

Yesterday I shared the XL summer to-do list that Matt and I are aiming to tackle on the outside of our house this summer. If you missed that post, allow me to sum it up for you — we have A LOT of work to do because the outside of our house is u-g-l-y (even worse than photos suggest… if you can even believe that). The beige and brown combo is not working and there’s one project that will hopefully start to off-set all the brown and kick this makeover off right! That project? A new front door color!

The Brown Needs to GO!deciding on a front door color

I’ve had my eye on painting the front door since the day we moved in. My plans were to get this project done last year, but with the 1,000 other things we did inside and the weather quickly changing, we put it on hold until this year. Ben was born, I blinked, and now it’s already MAY and the door is still poo-brown (sorry for the visual, I just can’t stand that door). I’m embarrassed it’s taken this long to get rid of it. But first, I need your help choosing a front door color.

Factors I’m Considering When Choosing A New Front Door Color

painting a brown front door

  1. The brass hardware: You can read how we updated our hardware on this 65-year-old front door in this post. I’m obsessed with the look and function of hardware, but I do need to consider the bold, brass hardware when choosing a door color.what front door color should I choose?
  2.  A “Black” Hole: It’s a little hard to tell in the photo, but the bricks around the door come out on both sides of it, creating a covered porch-ish area. This is awesome, but it does create a dark hole around the front door because the sun can never reach in there. The brown paint makes that dark hole appear even darker. I originally thought about painting the door black but decided against it because that would create this same type of problem. I’ve come to the conclusion that the door needs to be a brighter color to lessen the feel of this “black hole”.
  3. The Garage Door and Mudroom Door: I think I’m eventually going to paint the garage and mudroom door black so I need to consider those long-term plans when deciding.
  4. Landscaping: I also plan to incorporate a whole lot more color into our landscaping than there is now (thank goodness!). It won’t look exactly like this rendering (above), but this is what I have in mind and hopefully helps you visualize the ultimate goal.
    beige brick and a colorful front door
  5. Brick Color: I’m not a fan of the brick but for now, it’s staying. I got a quote to have it painted (against my dad’s professional opinion) and it came in at almost $15k!! Unfortunately, that’s nowhere near our budget so the beige brick is staying… at least for now. #bummer

Narrowing Down My Front Door Color Options

After lots of brainstorming, scouring Pinterest, and walking around our neighborhood for inspiration, I think I’ve narrowed down my options and would love your help in deciding!! I’m thinking either:

Image // Image

  • Minty/Robin’s Egg Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Blush
  • A Bright Navy

So what do you guys think? Any favorites?! Here are a few pics to help you visualize the transformation (thanks Kaitlin!). After seeing the pics, I’d love for you to pick your fave in the survey below. Together we can say goodbye to the brown, and hello to something light & bright.


Robin’s Egg Blue




The colors in the pictures aren’t exact, but hopefully, they help give you a general idea. So what do you think?!

Stay tuned for a full transformation in the next few weeks and if you want to see progress sooner, be sure to tune into our instaStories for real-time updates. Thank you so much for your help!


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