How to Make a DIY Doormat for Thanksgiving

We are thankful people.

this easy diy doormat will make you thankful for colorful decorationNot just because it’s that time of year (of course that’s part of it), but we both like to think that we try hard to be grateful for all that we have not just in November but all year long. Of course, we could get better at that… (there’s always room for improvement, right?) and November is a good reminder of that need to ooze appreciation.

How genius is it that our country has a built-in reminder for all of us to slowwwww down & try extra hard to look around at the blessings in our lives?

How to Create a DIY DoormatGive thanks diy doormat - perfect for thanksgiving decor

Now don’t get the wrong idea here, neither of our lives is perfect…. not. even. close. However, no one wants to tune into a blog that uses its platform to promote doom & gloom (wah-wah). We check-in here each day to share the positive, the happy, and hopefully, inspire those around us to create a home (and a life) that they LOVE. If we can provide an extra smile, chuckle, or an enthusiasm to dive into a DIY…. we feel like this blog is well worth the hard work. And for that, we are extra thankful.Before and after gif of this easy diy doormat

Today’s DIY project is one that is designed to highlight the opportunity to give thanks and will act as a daily reminder to count our blessings. Plus, it doesn’t’ hurt that this DIY project will take less than 15 minutes and requires no creative confidence.

DIY Doormat Suppliesyou can get  decorative doormat from many stores and customize it yourself

That’s it … literally.

give thanks stencils for this diy doormat projectJust like we did for this personalized doormat, all you need to do is lay out your letters and trace away to create this DIY doormat. We’re pretty confident even the kids could get involved in this one! If they are old enough to color in the lines… they can get ‘er donestencils and magic marker are the supplies you need for this diy doormat

Before long, you are left with a personalized doormat that will remind you (and your guests) to be THANKFUL.

Give Thanks – DIY Doormatthis super easy diy doormat will look great with your fall decor

We have even contemplated making a few of these doormats and secretly placing them on some of our loved ones’ (or neighbors) doorsteps. If you attach a little tag on the back or even under the mat, we think this could be the perfect “surprise” to show some of your peeps how grateful you are to have them in your life!

Or maybe it’s the perfect gift to drop on the doorstep of the wonderful women in our lives who will be hosting Thanksgiving. God knows we are very freakin’ THANKFUL that we’re not cooking… a DIY doormat is the least we can do to show our support. Give Thanks DIY Doormat Tutorial


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