The DIY Playbook Style Series


Let’s start off by saying right from the very start that the DIY Playbook is NOT (we repeat… NOT) turning into a fashion blog. HOWEVER we do want to introduce you to a new and somewhat fashion-y series that we plan on sharing here on the Playbook every Wednesday.

It is our honor to formally introduce you to the DIY Playbook Style Series, which is designed to give you guys what you’ve been asking for over the past year or so — more details about our wardrobes, what we wear to work, how we shop on a budget, how our styles are the same, how our styles are different, etc. But before you think we’ve officially lost our minds, allow us to explain.i_heart_paint_organization-2We will still be sharing our normal DIY + home decor posts every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (just like we have for the past 3.5 years) so don’t be nervous that things are about to change drastically around here (not even close!). Our normal content will look the exact same as it does now, but we have decided to step outside of our comfort zone to try something new on Wednesdays.

Why Wednesdays? travel-beach-casey-toms-jeans-fall-fashion-scarf

Well, we decided to post The DIY Playbook Style Series on Wednesdays because as of lately we don’t post anything on the blog on Wednesdays. Posting this new content every Wednesday will hopefully keep everyone happy and on the same page. For those of you who may be interested in this new content, you will know when to stop by to hear us talk about wearing white jeans after Labor Day, why we live in TOMS wedges throughout the fall, where we find those $12 blouses we love, and anything else that comes up along the way.

Bridget_Casey_Fashion_tassel_-8And for those who would rather us SKIP the fashion posts and stick to the DIY, you can easily skip posts on Wednesdays and come back on Thursdays and Fridays for the normal DIY and decor content. We think this is a good compromise and a great way to answer the fashion-based emails/messages we get so often… all without intruding on our beloved DIY content.

Real Talktravel-carmel-bridget-white-jeans-loft-blousejpg

The DIY Playbook Style Series (and everything that comes along with it) is VERY new to us and pretty darn scary (getting in front of the camera and putting yourself out there is never easy) but we are super excited to challenge ourselves and have a little fun along the way! Why the heck not, right?! <— our motto lately. You can’t help but at least try…. right?

The Formattravel-style-fashion-leather-jeans-bag

These weekly posts will be designed to answer FAQ’s about our clothes or give you guys a little insight as to what we’ve recently purchased, what we are currently loving, or just a little behind-the-scenes into each of our styles. We plan on highlighting one “theme” per week to keep these posts organized and efficient. Next week’s Style Series will be all about our fall leather jackets. We BOTH invested in new ones this year and we can’t wait to share what we think of them so far, how we wear them, and what other ones we looked at while we were making our BIG decision on which jacket was best for each of us.

Our Fashion Philosophy

travel-carmel-bridget-casey-fall-fashion-michaels-makersIf anyone’s thinking right about now, “who do these two think they are telling ME about fashion?!” … you’re right, we DON’T! We are total rookies when it comes to fashion (trust us, B’s fashionista little sister is never afraid to remind us of that. Sorry Mags.) but we think that’s what makes this weekly post unique. We’re JUST like a lot of you when it comes to fashion.

casey-desk-bedroomLike many of you, we both strive to buy clothing that not only reflects our style, but is also comfortable, affordable, and can be worn at work AND on the weekends (did we mention we don’t want to spend a ton of money either).

Bridget_Casey_Chicago_Odyssey_Travel-14We know that a lot of the DIY Playbook’s readers are currently in this same exact situation, so hopefully, together we can start this new journey of connecting one another with clothes (and sales!!) that make us all feel confident and comfortable. So don’t get us wrong, — we are NOT fashion experts (ha! do you remember this embarrassing fashion post?!) and not even fashion-forward, just regular girls trying to have a little fun with our styles all without breaking the bank.


The Year of Casey

Hey there!

I’m Casey Finn, the voice behind The DIY Playbook. I’m a Chicago gal teaching you how to design, DIY, and maintain your home…by yourself! Learn more about me right here.