DIY Subway Art

Subway art has been a HUGE trend in the decorating world for a while now.  
I’m making my grand entrance to the subway lovin’ party a little late…but better late than never right?!
This gorgeous piece from Restoration Hardware was the art that started it all.
City subway art can be expensive when you buy it from a home decor store - a DIY option is much more our style!
But at $850 that just was not gonna cut it in my household (Heck I wouldn’t even buy it if you moved the decimal up to $85.00)
So, in came the DIY blogosphere.
I found plenty of amazing subway art tutorials…like this one and this one.
But, I wanted to create mine without buying vinyl letters (pricey) or tracing on letters and painting them (time consuming.) So, I came up with my own way of doing things.
-24 X 48 inch canvas (Mine was $15 from Hobby Lobby with a coupon)
-Mod podge (already owned)
-Foam brush (already owned)
-Black acrylic paint (already owned)
-24 x 48 B & W poster ($4.99 at Fed Ex Print Shop)


A 24x48 canvas from Hobby Lobby cost less than $20 with a coupon; way more affordable!
First, I decided what words I wanted to include for the poster. We currently live in St. Louis, but sometimes take the train to Chicago to visit family and friends. So, I decided to go with all of the stops on the train between STL and CHI.
The train stops between St. Louis and Chicago are the cities I chose for my own DIY city subway art

Then, I opened up Microsoft Publisher and created a banner that was 24” x 48”. I typed in my text and chose a font and size that fit the text box.

White font on a black background is the style I wanted for my own city subway art

Make sure you change the font color to white and the background to black.

When you get it looking just the way you like it, pop in a thumb drive and save the image.
Next, head to a local print shop (I used Fed Ex) and give them the image off of your jump drive. Tell them you want a 24 x 48 poster in black and white (Note: Make sure you get it in black and white or else it will cost mucho dinero!!)

Mine was done in about 5 minutes. 

A 24x48 poster from your local print shop will cost you less than $10 and only a few minutes of time

I headed home eager to get that bad boy onto my canvas. 

I then slowly mod podged the canvas (from the top on down) and smoothed the poster right on over it.

At first, I was freakin’ out because it was looking bumpy and bubbly. 

Modge podge your printed poster onto your canvas - don't worry if it looks a little bumpy at first, that will smooth out!
But, I took a deep breath (and sip of wine) and mod podged the front of the poster, being sure to smooth out any bumps along the way.After it fully dried, it was ready for the final touch.

I used the black paint to fill in the sides of the canvas, and give the piece a uniform look.

All finished and touched up with some black paint to hide the sides of the canvas and this DIY city subway art looks amazing!
This DIY city subway art is the perfect addition to a gallery wall or entry way display
I’m now officially a part of the trendy Subway Art crowd! Woo hoo!
You don't have to pay top dollar for trendy city subway art - this DIY project was super budget friendly

And this bad boy stands tall and proud in our hallway.

You can make your own DIY city subway art for pennies compared to buying these in store - a perfect DIY project!


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