Dorm Room Decor… for Adults!

It’s been 6 years since we graduated college (where has the time gone?!), and we both look back on those school days with such nostalgia. Sleeping in, hanging with friends at the dining hall, and staying up late to cram for finals…all a big part of our college days (along with a few wild nights…but that’s a story for another day!)

dorm makeover dormify grace roomLast year, we got to re-live our dorm room days when we completed this dorm room makeover at Saint Mary’s College.

dorm room pillows dormifyIt turned out pretty darn adorable didn’t it?! Spending time in the dorm that day made us miss those “good ol’ days”…. well, minus the part about living in a non-air conditioned building on a HOT August day. #dontmissthat

When we did that dorm room makeover, we realized that there are some AWESOME products out there geared specifically towards college kids for their dorm rooms and college apartments. So many cute things that we wish we could have incorporated into our spaces way back when (True Story: Casey’s entire dorm room was hot pink…her bedding was even hot pink polka dots. While Bridget went with a bright, way too colorful Hawaiian theme. Yikes.)

dormifyPhoto via Dormify

But who says you have to be in college to buy some of these products?! Heck, we would love to incorporate many of these new college items into our homes TODAY! Here are some dorm room essentials that we are totally digging right now. We believe any of these would actually work in any “adult home”.

dorm_decor.04 PMFuton // Hanging Planter // Storage Ottoman // Animal Mail Sorter // Striped Schoolbag // Home Sweet Home Banner // Sheets // Letter Club Sign // Grey Trunk // Oops Eraser // Acrylic Paper Sorter // Jewelry display //

So cute, right?! Just goes to show, you don’t always have to look at traditional stores for home decor pieces.

Happy Shopping, friends!


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