A Round-Up Of The Best Extra Long Shower Curtains

Our new house has 3.5 bathrooms. Three and a half!!! What was I thinking?! That’s a lot of bathrooms to clean for just two people. Two of those bathrooms have bathtubs, so I knew that I would immediately need to buy stylish shower curtains for those spaces.

Why Use An Extra Long Shower Curtain?

A gray and gold bathroom reveal
My Mom’s Guest Bathroom

It’s been a while since I’ve bought a fabric shower curtain. But once I was searching for one, I remembered how hard it is to find a stylish extra long shower curtain.  Standard shower curtains are 72 inches wide by 72 inches long. For most bathrooms, standard shower curtains are actually way too short (think: your little ones wearing the pants that fit them last winter – accidental capris!).

We actually did a rookie mistake all about this problem, because if you have eight to ten-foot ceilings, then you’re going to have flooded curtains. Instead, opt for an extra long shower curtain, so you can hang the rod towards the ceiling to draw the eye up. Ideally, your fabric shower curtains should just kiss the floor.

In the past, I’ve always used this white waffle weave curtain because it was one of the only extra long shower curtain options. In fact, I used it in my mom’s guest bathroom and our guest bathroom (before we DIY’ed the space and added a glass shower door).

Searching For A Stylish Extra Long Shower Curtain

Life with our new roomie. Working from the dining room table.

While I loved my white waffle weave, I wanted something different for the two bathtubs in the new house. A stark white shower curtain seemed to be too intense for my home where I’m incorporating soft whites and creams. Instead, I wanted to channel boho vibes and I was on the hunt for something creamy, and maybe even with a subtle ticking pattern, or fringe.

I took some measurements and found that I needed a shower curtain that was at least 90 inches long, but preferably even longer. There are some “long” options available at 84 inches, but that was still too short for my space. I did find some extra long shower curtains at 96 inches and knew that we would need to go with that length for our home.

Other Extra Long Shower Curtain Resources

Sharing more about the business of blogging

When I usually run into a conundrum, I look for your help on Instagram Stories. You guys all commiserated with me about the struggle to find extra-long shower curtains. Seriously, I think I need to open a shower curtain store with extra-long sizes because clearly there is a need out there! But you guys did have some other great ideas for me.

Suggestion #1- Buying Window Treatments

I could buy normal curtains (window treatments) and make my own custom-sized bath curtain. I could find wide curtains, or a couple of panels that could be sewn together in the middle. Then you’d just need to hem to the correct height. I loved this idea because there are so many more options and I would end up with a very unique shower curtain. The downside is that not all window treatments are washing machine friendly and that’s a must for me when it comes to shower curtains!

Suggestion #2 – A Trip to the Fabric Store

I also decided to head to Joann Fabric to see if I could potentially DIY my own fabric shower curtain! Mind you, I don’t own a sewing machine or know how to sew…at all. I found a fabric that I liked on sale, and chatted with the seamstress on staff about my project. They actually do projects like that in-store, but for the cost of the fabric and the labor it was going to be around $200. Yikes! Even though it wasn’t the route I wanted to go for this project, it is cool to know that they can do custom projects like this. I always recommend talking to customer service in your travels – there’s so much to be learned for projects down the road!

Suggestion #3 – Etsy

The final suggestion was to check out Etsy and I did find that they had beautiful shower curtain options (like this). In my canvas of Etsy, they seemed to have many stunning abstract prints and eye-catching designs. However, I was looking for something slightly more neutral. Also, because I needed my curtain quickly, I ended up foregoing this route. But if you have time, you could get custom shower curtains that are perfect for your bathroom.

My Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain

I’ll be sharing the full reveal of this first-floor bathroom on the blog soon, but here is your sneak peek of the partially finished space! I love the creamy color of the shower curtain and it’s only $25!

The cotton fabric is a great quality and looks so nice in the space. It also has a weighted hem, which is a must for me. Getting tangled up in a shower liner, or curtain while having some self-care time is not the vibe! This extra-long shower curtain is also pretty sheer, allowing the natural light from the window in the shower to stream through.

I ended up buying this in the 96″ length and having it hemmed at my local cleaners for an additional $12. They took off about eight inches. I originally tried a curtain with a busier pattern in here, and it clashed too much with the fun, floor tile. Now, the floor tile can shine and the this linen-looking curtain is a nice backdrop.

Our Upstairs Shower Curtain

Striped shower curtain extra long

On the second floor, I went a little bolder, breaking free from my solid colors, and went with a striped shower curtain (no longer sold). I think it has the right blend of functionality and style!

I had to have it hemmed about three inches so we could take it close to the ceiling, while still kissing the floor. We have a light in the shower, or else I might bring it down an inch or so to let the light from the window stream through. That’s something to keep in mind when you’re planning how much to hem off the bottom!

The Accessories

Shower curtains need a few additional accessories in order to function. I ended up buying these extra long shower curtain liners that works like a charm. This waterproof liner fits the bill by having a weighted hem, and rust-resistant metal grommets. The last thing you want is your hook holes getting rust stains once you’ve found a beautiful shower curtain! The comments also talk about these extra-long shower curtain liners being mildew resistant over time, too!

One thing to note – you will have to cut the sides. It’s a tiny bit too wide for a standard 72-inch wide curtain. I’m not sure why they make it that way, but it was easy to cut a straight line off with some sharp scissors.

.Extra long shower curtain in the bathroom

Then, I grabbed this black shower rod (comes in a set of two, so I was set for both bathrooms!) and these black shower curtain hooks. They’re all super simple, inexpensive, and get the job done well

My Favorite Extra Long Shower Curtains

After an extensive search, I rounded up some of my favorite extra long shower curtains. Many of these picks come in different sizes and colors as well. I am in love with the scalloped curtain, and it comes in several colors and sizes!

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Floral Shower Curtain // Blue and White Striped Shower Curtain // Blue Garden Flower Shower Curtain // Cotton Waffle Knit Shower Curtain // Scalloped Shower Curtain // Abstract Floral Shower Curtain

Overall, I’m pleased with the ones I chose for my home. However, I still think I need to open up an extra long shower curtain store! If you have any other great ones I missed, please share in the comments below, so we can all help one another shop.


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