Happy Hour No. 5

To us, Happy Hour is a time to sit back, relax, and catch up with friends… especially when it’s the day after Christmas!! It’s a time to chat about everything and anything, and that’s exactly what we want to bring to DIY Playbook’s monthly Happy Hour because we have A LOT to catch up on.happy-hour-graphic

We want these monthly posts to be a chance to catch up with friends and bring just a little extra happy to your day. So grab your coffee (or champagne) and let’s catch up!chicago_christmas-wrigley-building

Love It


  • My mom got me this beach bag for our trip to Mexico (we leave on Thursday!) and I’m so excited to use it. It came highly recommended by our sweet friend Courtney, so I know it’s going to be good! casey-mike-finn-emmys-2016
  • As we chatted about in last month’s Happy Hour, Finn & I went to the Emmy Awards at the beginning of the month. Sadly we didn’t win, but we had an amazing night and I absolutely loved the dress I rented for the event. Comfortable, slimming, and such a fun color! If you haven’t tried Rent the Runway you should seriously consider it for your next big event or wedding!
  • Just ordered this coverup for our trip to Mexico. I think I’ll be wearing it just about every single day. The countdown is on!



  • Remember when my sisters splurged and gave me this winter coat for my birthday in October? Now that it’s cold, I’m OBSESSED and wear it every. single. day.
  • I scored these gym shoes on sale this month and I’m hoping that maybe (just maybe?) they’ll motivate me to get back to the gym in 2017. #fingerscrossed <— I need it after this month’s dessert binge. 
  • We shared a few gift guides this season but never really make time to chat about what we decided to give. Here are a few of my favorites that I gave this year:
    • I gave this Instagram book to my mom with all of her Insta pics from the year and she LOVED IT
    • I gave these mittens to my sister, probably because I love them for myself #oops
    • My sister and I gave this wagon to our nephew and we can’t wait to pull him around in it in the summer!
    • I gave this leather passport case to Matt for our 3rd Anniversary (the traditional gift theme for year 3 is leather). And because we love to travel, I snuck a trip to DC in there so we can see the Cherry Blossoms (and opening day for the Nationals!) together over Spring Break. #wifepoints <– P.S. I know he doesn’t need a passport to go to DC, but we’re heading to Mexico this week so I figured it would still come in handy. 😉

Link It

Casey Updates

christmas-hot-cocoaI absolutely adore December and all of the festive activities spread throughout the month. But I will say that I did feel a bit overwhelmed at times because there was just so much going on!

casey-bridesmaid-maggie-lizzyIt seemed like every weekend we had something big to do, including an out-of-town wedding. My college roomie got married down in St. Louis and it was a gorgeous day! I was so honored to be a bridesmaid and loved seeing my old friends from college. Old friends are the best friends.

cookie-day-baby-harry-jan-3We also had our annual cookie day at my mom’s house. It’s my favorite Christmas tradition where we all get together to back about A DOZEN different kinds of cookies! We literally bake all day long (eating & drinking along the way), and then at night we order pizza and play games. It’s heaven and a day we look forward to each December. My mom always has a disaster of a kitchen by the time the day is over, but it’s worth it to all be together. cookie-day-baby-harry-jan-1And now with our little nephew around, the day is even better!

typing-working-office-deskNow it’s time to finish up work before we leave for Mexico on Thursday. I cannot wait to get away from the cold & into the sun for a week of relaxation!

Bridget Updates

You guys are probably so sick of me saying this but seriously, how is it already the end of December?! I love writing these Happy Hour posts because it gives me a reason to sit down and look back at the month, but EVERY (single) time I sit down to reflect on the month I’m so shocked at how quickly it flew by. Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way!

Like Casey, my month was filled with lots of holiday festivities, including spending time in the city for the holidays. I love Chicago during the holidays and this year, the decorations and magic did not disappoint. Even amidst the freezing cold temps, Matt and I had a blast being tourists and taking it all in.chicago_christmas-heritage-coffee

I’ve been wanting to visit Heritage Bicycle General Store in Lincoln Park for far too long and Matt and I finally stopped there! If you’re in the area and looking for a quaint and ADORABLE coffee shop (within a bike shop), you should definitely check it out. The decor was gorgeous, especially since it was all dressed up for the holidays. Coffee + gorgeous decor + bikes = what’s not to love, right?!

We also had a blast using the holidays as an excuse to celebrate with some of my favorite people. December was full of lots of quality time with my family, friends, and of course my adorable nephew! Having Owen around this year has been AMAZING… and he’s still just a baby. I can’t even imagine how fun Christmases will be when he’s walking, talking, and playing! #hearteyesonrepeatmatt_bridget_christmas_tree_anniversary

And last but very not least, December marks our 3rd Wedding Anniversary!! <— whaaaaat?! In some ways I feel like our wedding was so long ago and in other ways, I feel like it was just yesterday! I feel so grateful to be married to my best friend. If the next 80 years are just as great as the first 3, I’m one lucky gal!passport-mexico-travel

We hope you guys had an amazing December. Even amidst the hustle and bustle, we really hope you had time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your family and friends. Now it’s time to grab a little R&R before we gear up for 2017!! We already have lots of plans for the new year, but before we dive into all of those (and share them with you guys) we are signing off for a few days…. for the FIRST TIME IN PLAYBOOK history. Make sure you tune in tomorrow for the details.


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