How To Keep A White Sink Clean

One question I’ve gotten a lot since finishing our kitchen renovation is how we keep our white farmhouse sink clean. Along with that question, a lot of readers have reached out over the past few months wondering if I had any concerns or hesitations about choosing a white sink in the first place.

white farmhouse sink clean

“Are you nervous to live with a white sink?” “How do you plan on keeping it clean?” “Would you still choose a white sink, knowing what you know now?!”

These are all valid questions and ones that ran through my head at some point or another. Today I’m going to answer all of these questions in hopes to bring a little clarity to others who may be interested in someday transitioning to a white sink, but are nervous to take the plunge because of these thoughts.

Were You Nervous to Choose A White Kitchen Sink?

In short — No! To be perfectly honest, I never once felt nervous or intimidated about choosing a white sink for our kitchen. I actually grew up with a white sink so to me, choosing a white sink didn’t feel like a “risk” by any stretch.
keeping a white sink cleanYes, my mom is a very clean person (and a master cleaner!) but she has never had a problem keeping this white sink looking extra clean. And that says a lot because the one in my childhood home is now over 20 years old and still looks gorgeous!white sinks in kitchens
Plus, I lived with a stainless steel sink in my first house and didn’t feel like this option was any more or less difficult to keep clean. Although it didn’t need to stay bright white, it still posed its own challenges (watermarks, streaks, etc.).

How Do You Like Your White Farmhouse Sink So Far?white sink cleaning tips

I LOVE IT… so much! If you’re considering a farmhouse sink in your house, be sure to check out this post about what I learned throughout the process of choosing and installing this investment piece. I did experience a small issue during installation (more on that here!), but outside of that learning opportunity, I’m obsessed with everything about our kitchen sink.

How Do You Keep Your White Sink Clean?how to clean a white farmhouse sink

Is it crazy to say that I don’t necessarily notice my white sink getting any extra “dirty” compared to my old, stainless steel sink? Yes, you can definitely notice “splash” marks of food stains in the sink when you rinse a plate, pour extra coffee down the drain, or just do normal kitchen duties. But all of these splash marks have immediately gone away once I rinse the sink out with our pull-down faucet, which usually happens right away.
magic eraser to clean sink
I have yet to notice more permanent stains or areas of concerns outside of normal everyday use. BUT, just to keep the sink looking extra white, I do take precaution once a week or so with one of my favorite cleaning supplies — a magic eraser!
scrubbing a white sinkmagic erasersJust like the name implies, this scrub brush magically erases just about any stain around our home. If I see a scuff on the floor, baseboard, stain on the wall, or just need a little something extra (like getting a price tag sticker off something), I always turn to the magic eraser. This go-to cleaning rule applies to our sink as well.
storing a magic eraser under the sinkI wet this magic eraser and give the sink a good scrub every week. This has seemed to keep the sink free of stains, discoloration, or even soap build-up. Once I’m done, I let the eraser dry out and put it right back under the sink until I need it again.

What Else Can I Use To Keep My White Sink Clean?soft and scrub with bleach

For extra reinforcement every once in a while, I am not against turning to the product my mom has used (and swears by!) to keep her white sink sparkling over the past 20+ years. She uses Soft Scrub with bleach and swears that it works wonders on any stains or discoloration. I haven’t needed this product yet, but I’m definitely open to using it if I start to notice any stubborn stains building up.

Would You Still Choose A White Sink Knowing What You Know Now?kitchen sink after makeover

Absolutely. I personally love the look of a white sink and haven’t experienced any true negatives yet. But even if I do, I’d like to think that it’s okay because EVERY sink finish has its quirks. I guess it’s just making a choice to live with these quirks that will determine what finish is best for your future kitchen sink.


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