Kitchen Backsplash Reveal

Let’s Recap:

1. Last week I disclosed how I have never been in l.o.v.e with our kitchen, hence the lack of attention this room gets here on the blog. I have always wished it was brighter, whiter and was never head-over-heels with the kitchen since we moved in.

2. I shared my plan to DIY a backsplash with the help of my amazing dad– a project that neither of us had ever done.

3. Today, I’m back to share the kitchen backsplash reveal and a newfound sense of kitchen excitement. This backsplash has almost inspired me to try my hand at cooking a meal or two. This update kitchen backsplash pairs well with the marble counter tops. Ta-daa! I plan on dishing what I learned throughout my first-ever backsplash DIY project tomorrow. For now, I’ll leave you with pretty pictures, a source list, and a few more items on our kitchen to-do list.
The white kitchen backsplash looks beautiful with the dark wood furnishings. The tile on this kitchen backsplash is simple and elegant.

The backsplash looks great with wooden kitchen accessories. Sources:
Tile: The Tile Shop (this exact style)
Cutting Board: Gift
White Utensil Holder: Vase from HomeGoods
Creamer: HomeGoods

Beautiful flowers brighten up the room against the new kitchen backsplash. Cutting Board: $9 Clearance from HomeGoods
Soap: Grocery Store
Flowers: Grocery Store
The new kitchen backsplash paired with the fresh flowers looks chic.

The white light switches pair well with the new kitchen backsplash.
This beautiful kitchen backsplash brightens up the entire space. Cake Platter: HomeGoods
Glass Dome: Estate Sale
Towel: HomeGoods
Glass Jar for Sugar: Gift
Basket: HomeGoods
Olive Oil/Vinegar Jars: HomeGoods

See a pattern here?
This wicker kitchen basket is great for storing salt, pepper, herbs and more. This kitchen basked is great storage. This kitchen basket is perfect for plants or fresh herbs. The new kitchen backsplash looks great against the white trim. Using a cake stand to hold oranges is a creative idea to add color to any kitchen.The neutral kitchen backsplash makes the entire kitchen pop. Chairs: Black Friday Super Sale from Home Depot right when we bought our house.Some fresh flowers resting on the rustic wood is elegant.



These dark kitchen bar chairs pair well with the dark wood cabinets. I can’t believe we did it and it’s DONE! I learned so much in the process and will dish that scoop tomorrow.

Installing your own new kitchen backsplash is easier than you think. For now, I love the new look and completing this project has totally inspired me to keep the weekend warrior projects coming! I want to keep this DIY train rolling right into the dining room.  Plus, I have my eyes peeled for some budget friendly bar stools that are fabric and more neutral. I think that’ll be the perfect way to continue to brighten the space. If you see any…. let me know! More dirty details tomorrow (like holy dusty, dirty is an UNDERSTATEMENT for this tile project). See you then!

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