LED Lights on our Flat Screen TV

Yesterday, I revealed my favorite spot in the house…Casey's living room with amazing built-ins. She also installed LED lights behind her television for an amazing TV watching experience!our new built-ins in the family room. We chatted all about these beauties, but I didn’t really go into detail about our TV setup. So that’s what today’s post is all about. The TV is front and center on the new built-ins, and Casey and Finn installed really cool LED lights to add to the effect!

Once the built-ins were installed, we had the carpenter also mount our TV. We purchased a heavy-duty TV mount (we got this one from Amazon) and had him install it directly into the studs of the wall. Our flat screen TV is mounted to the wall with heavy duty mounts.

We love it because you can move the TV around. Pull it out, tilt it up or down, and the best part…you can turn it towards the kitchen. It’s pretty great when you’re chopping away and can catch up on your favorite shows all at the same time. Not that I’m cooking in the kitchen that often…

The swivel mount on our flat screen TV means we can see it from almost any part of the living room. With the TV all good to go, we had to tackle the cords and electronics. While I started decorating the shelves, Finn got to work on this task. The built-ins let us hide the wires for the TV and the cable box.

We have to keep the cable box out, but everything else we wanted to hide in the cabinets. We picked up a plastic cord cover from Lowe’s that was wide enough to hold all of the cords we had going on. Finn then cut it to size with a hacksaw and attached it to the wall using a bunch of command strips. We thought about painting it to match the wall color, but honestly, the white doesn’t really bother us. Organize Your Wires with a cord cover.

With the cords neatly tucked into the cord cover, Finn used black zip ties to keep them all together and compact.

Organize Your Wires with zip ties! We were able to hide them in a shelf in the built in. They then run down the back of the wall and into a hole we had cut in the top of the built-ins, and into the base cabinet.

We store all the electronics for our TV and cable in this cabinet in our built in. | DIY PlaybookThis cabinet holds our DVD player and XBOX and we even have a spot for our laptop when we want to stream shows from the computer.  It all fits in there neatly and all of the cords go into a plug in the back of the wall. Pretty perfect setup, right? OK, now we can talk about How to Add LED lights to your flatscreen TV!

But that’s not all we did.
LED Lights behind the TV can create drama - don't you love this purple lighting? | DIY Playbook

We added some LED lights onto the back of the TV so it can light up at night, whenever we’re watching TV, or when we have people over and want to add some color to the room. The LED lights we added behind our flat screen TV change colors! You can find LED lights and the remote control affordably on Amazon. A friend gave us these, but you can buy an LED light kit online for pretty cheap. It comes with the light strips, a remote, and then the power connector. Mount the LED lights on the back of your television. | DIY Playbook

Here's How to Add LED Lights Behind Your Flat Screen Television! Command Strips make it easier. | DIY PlaybookFinn again used some command strips to stick them onto the back of the TV. You can cut the strips to size, so we simply used enough to cover the entire perimeter of the flat screen. Lights on the back of the TV make add mood lighting. Make sure to run the LED lights around the entire television.

The little white box has a sensor that slightly sticks out on the bottom of the TV. Light Sensors are an important part of the set up when adding LED lights to the back of your television.

You can then point the remote control at it in order to change the colors. Use the remote to control the lights and choose your favorite colors!

Oh and speaking of the colors, there are so many to choose from! I like bright white, but it’s also fun to change the colors up whenever the mood strikes.

Green is just one of the available colors of LED lights! You can choose your favorite color, or cycle through all the lighting options. There’s also a setting where you can cycle through the colors, so they’re ever-changing. Good for a party atmosphere!Purple Lighting is super fun too! I like to change the LED light color depending on what we're watching.

Finn likes to change the color based on what we’re watching on TV. Pink for the bachelor, red for scary movies, and the team colors for whatever sports game he’s watching. Yeah…we definitely have fun with it! Color changing LED lights are perfect to set the mood at a party or when entertaining! You can impress all your friends with your skills!

At first I thought it would get kinda old, and we would forget to turn it on. But it’s actually pretty awesome to light up at night. You can use LED lighting on your television every day or as a showpiece once in a while. I love the soft white light.

I’m sure everyone on our block can see in our window and they wonder what the heck is going on! No, we’re not having a rave, instead, we’re just watching TV.


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