Our New Backyard Furniture from Article

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I’m giddy just typing out this post because it means we have a functional backyard, complete with furniture!! This project has been so slow-moving, so the fact that we’ve finally gotten to this point is a big milestone. So yayyyy…we have a new outdoor sectional, chairs on the deck, and more!

Making a Furniture Gameplan

Deck updates

With our old setup, we only had room for a small outdoor sectional and coffee table up on our deck. Now that we’ve extended the living area of our yard (it seriously feels huuuuge!), we had to figure out what exactly kind of furniture we wanted for it. Whenever choosing furniture for a space, indoors or out, it’s important to think through how you’ll actually use it.

Starting up on the deck, we wanted room for two chairs, so we could casually sit and drink a cocktail or our morning coffee. We also have our grill up here, so a resting spot for the griller to sit made sense too.

Down below, we decided to create our main dining area, and then to the side of the garage, we opted for a cozy and casual hangout spot, complete with a large outdoor sectional. Creating these three zones was really helpful as we decided on furniture for the backyard.

Our outdoor furniture from Article

I opted for outdoor furniture and accessories from Article. I’ve partnered with them in the past and their furniture is top-notch, and high-quality, with a great price point. In fact, all of the outdoor furniture from our old condo (pictured above) was from Article, and we loved everything.

Our New Outdoor Sectional

Our new outdoor sectional from Article

Okay, let’s start with the coziest spot out here…the outdoor sectional! We chose the Kezia corner modular sectional and we altered it, slightly, for our space. Since this is such a long and narrow area, we ended up adding another Kezia armless module to build out a custom sofa.

Our outdoor sectional on our new patio

I love that you can mix and match the different pieces, so it works perfectly for your space. In the end, we chose a corner module, left arm, right arm, and armless to build this!

side table on our outdoor sectional from Article

I also like the side tables that are built right in. They are a convenient spot for a drink, and Rory loves to crawl up on them to get on the couch. It’s adorable.

Our new outdoor sectional from Article

The couch itself is built out of aluminum and acacia wood, so it’s designed to last.

Latta coffee table from Article

In front of the outdoor sectional, we opted for the Latta Beach Sand Coffee Table. This matches the sectional and is nice and long, so it made sense to pair it with our new couch.

Chairs for the Deck

New chairs on our deck from Article

How freakin’ cool are these chairs?! I was most excited when these arrived because they’re just so dang stylish.

Our new chairs from Article on our deck
Small details on the lounge chairs from Article

The Makali Lily White Lounge Chair has a solid acacia wood frame, woven rope accents on the arms, and seat cushions. I went with the white color, but they also sell a pretty slate gray.

In between the chairs, we opted for this Solina Gray Terrazzo Stool. It matches our new planters and I adore it. It’s made out of a composite terrazzo material, so it has a really unique pattern and color. You could even put this cute little stool inside, for use as a side table near a couch or chair.

Outdoor Accessories…Planters + Lanterns!

Our outdoor planters and lanterns from Article

The outdoor accessories from Article were the first to arrive, so you’ve probably already seen them in the backyard. But now that they’re paired with the furniture, they look even better!

New planters from Article

I especially love Tuva Terrazzo Planters. I got two large in the gray color, and one small in white. I may buy another small one in white because I love it so much.

Our outdoor planters

They have drainage holes at the bottom (a must!) and the texture and color are just gorgeous. You could also use these for indoor plants if you wanted to!

Table lantern from Article for our backyard patio

Rory’s favorite items are the Vezda Lanterns. She wears the table lantern on her arm like a purse, and toddles all around the patio. It’s adorable. I have two in the small size and one in the table size.

Large planters and lantern outdoor accessories

The small is actually really big, so be sure to check out the dimensions first, before you purchase.

Lantern at night

These have a glass candle holder in the middle, and I put these battery-operated candles in there for a pretty flicker of light at night. Mine are on a four-hour timer, so they go on and off all on their own!

Protecting Our New Furniture

Our new outdoor sectional for our backyard patio

We ended up getting this Lemtov Sectional Cover to protect the outdoor sectional and two of these Lemtov Lounge Chair Covers for the deck chairs. If we see rain in the forecast, we put these on to protect the wood and cushions. The covers are water-resistant and work really well to keep our outdoor furniture dry.

Buy covers for your outdoor furniture to protect from rain

In the winter, we’ll plan to store all of our new outdoor furniture inside, if space allows. If we can’t squeeze it all in, then we’ll take the cushions in and cover the rest.

Finally…Places to Sit!

Enjoying our new outdoor sectional

We’ve already been using the heck out of all of our new furniture…especially the outdoor sectional. Finn recently had his Fantasy Football Draft in our backyard and he could easily accommodate twelve guys. It feels nice to finally have the space and the right patio furniture to be able to host the way we’ve always wanted!

What’s Next?

Enjoying our patio at night

Tomorrow, I have the big backyard reveal post for you! You guys have been patiently waiting and it’s finally done, photographed, and ready for your viewing pleasure. I’ve got all of the before and after pictures, night photos, sources, and more lined up for tomorrow’s beefy post. You don’t want to miss it…


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