Video – A Quick Look at our Lowe’s Fall Makeover

It’s been over a month since we revealed the master bedroom makeover we did with Lowe’s Home Improvement, and we are still obsessed with the space!lowes-makeover-bedroom-reveal

The room photographs really well, but it’s hard to really capture the feel of a room. To us it feels so bright and happy, yet it’s still cozy and comfortable.

lowes-makeover-bedroom-reveal-benchAnd in terms of the actual renovation day? That day felt energetic, exciting, and at times even overwhelming!

lowes-makeover-bedroom-reveal-cameraWe decided to hire a producer and videographer to capture the entire Lowe’s Fall Makeover experience, and honestly it is the best money we ever spent! Although video & photography are similar mediums, there’s just something about video that is really special. It tells a story, it can build emotion, it can just capture something unlike the way photography does.

lowes-makeover-bedroom-reveal-gallery-wall-bridgetSo we absolutely knew that we needed to record this crazy makeover experience and we had our video team create 2 videos for us. This first one today is a trailer highlighting the entire day. Really it’s just a little snippet of what went into making this space come to life. In the next video we’ll share a much longer story that includes interviews from both us and the homeowners.

lowes-makeover-bedroom-reveal-mike-aprilWithout further ado, here’s our mini video recap of our Lowe’s Fall Makeover.

We hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our chaotic renovation day. We can’t wait to share more when we reveal the next video!