How to Load your Dishwasher for Clean Dishes Every Time


[Disclaimer: We have partnered with Maytag to bring you this post. All opinions are our own and are not influenced by Maytag. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog!] The dishwasher is actually a pretty controversial appliance in our household. Specifically the loading of the dishwasher. Rinse before? No pre-rinse needed? Bowls in… Read More »

Spring Items We Have our Eyes On

Bridget & CaseyApril 12, 2017 Comments

Instead of sharing an outfit post, we thought we would switch things up this Wednesday and share each of our spring “watch lists”. These are items we have our eye on for the upcoming warm weather and hope to eventually add to our closets. It’s doubtful that we’ll add all of these items, but it’s… Read More »

Rookie Mistake: Over-the-door Hangers & Mirrors

Bridget & CaseyApril 11, 2017 Comments

Rookie Mistakes: a series of common decor mistakes made by rookies… aka US. And no we are not judging because, we have made (and continue to make) these mistakes too! Rookie Mistake #1: Couch Pillows Rookie Mistake #2: Shower Curtains Rookie Mistake #3: Generic Home Decor Rookie Mistake #4: Carnations Rookie Mistake #5: Decorating with Picture Frames Rookie Mistake #6: Shop… Read More »

Our Favorite Woodworking DIY Projects

Bridget & CaseyApril 10, 2017 Comments
Dining Room Board and Batten

5 years ago neither of us had ever picked up a pneumatic nail gun and we definitely had no clue what a miter saw was. Today, we use those tools on a regular basis whenever we’re tackling a new woodworking DIY project. Woodworking projects are some of our favorite because they can add so much… Read More »

DIY Emoji Easter Eggs


To be perfectly honest we’re not the BIGGEST fans of dyeing Easter Eggs. As children we were OBSESSED with it, but over the years the excitement has decreased quite a bit (sad but true). Maybe it’s because we don’t have kids ourselves or maybe it’s because we feel “too busy” to give this tradition the time… Read More »

Our Cleaning Confession


In honor of keeping it real here on the DIY Playbook, we have a BIG CONFESSION to make. Yes we are do-it-yourself bloggers but there is one thing in our own homes that we are not doing ourselves anymore and we feel the need to give you all the details. What DIY project have we recently… Read More »

Spring Essential – A Trench Coat


As we are sloooooowly transitioning into spring here in Chicago, we could not be more excited to replace the winter clothes in our closets over to our favorite spring staples. We’re ready for lighter colors, less layers, and a whole lot more sunshine! We’ve got spring fever! One item that we practically live in this… Read More »

Decorating Above the Office Fauxdenza


Last time I checked in with updates was when I chatted about how the office decor was shaping up on the far side of the room (the shelves + desk). Thank you for your kind words and all of the support… you guys are the sweetest! Today I’m excited to be back sharing updates on the… Read More »

Our New Cognac Leather Chair in the Living Room


Our family room is quickly turning into my favorite room in our house. I’ve always loved it because it’s really the main living space, since it connects to the “dining room” (not exactly a room..) and kitchen. But now I’m loving the design & look of the space too! We’re still obsessed with our new… Read More »

How to Build a DIY Barn Door – Step 3


I cannot thank you all enough for your PATIENCE throughout this barn door journey. I’m happy to report that it’s FINALLLYYYY time to dive into the last step of DIY-ing this barn door and revealing what a gorgeous and functional addition this has been in our office. If you’re just joining in on the fun… Read More »