Outdoor Rugs at Every Price Point

I love outdoor rugs because they instantly make an outdoor space feel 100% more cozy. Not to mention the instant pop of style (& color!) they bring outside.

We included an 8×10 outdoor rug in our outdoor set-up since the day we added a patio to our landscaping, and don’t have any plans to change this tradition. I really love everything about outdoor rugs EXCEPT the fact that they need to be replaced every year or two.  Is this just me or do you guys find the same problem?

Outdoor Rugs at Every Price Point | DIY PlaybookWe bring our rug and furniture inside over the winter, but the bright sun, rain, foot traffic and debris our rug sees throughout a couple of summer seasons is enough to wear it out. And this is exactly where my story starts today. I bought last year’s rug on sale from Target. I saw it and immediately loved it (and loved the clearance price tag!) but if I’m being completely honest, this rug eventually brought design regret. However, I don’t call this purchase a total loss because it worked for a whole year AND it really taught me that I’m not a lover of dark rugs with busy patterns. It still think the pattern is super cute, it’s just not a perfect match for me and my style.

So this year I’m determined to find something that is a lot more me without spending a ton of money. I set out to find the new rug and figured some of you may be in the exact same predicament. And with summer entertaining on the horizon (yay!), now’s the perfect time for me to finally take the plunge and order a new rug. Outdoor Rugs at Every Price Point | DIY Playbook

I was OBSESSED with Casey’s black and white striped rug last year. It looked so gorgeous with her decor and really held up well throughout the summer. Outdoor Rugs at Every Price Point | DIY Playbook

I also really loved the neutral rug we added to our Lowe’s Patio Makeover a few years ago. Although it was plain, the natural color was such a great contrast against the gray patio and it added much warmth and texture.

Both of these provided me with some much-needed inspiration and helped me identify my “wish list” when choosing a new outdoor rug.

  • Neutral (dark busy rugs are not for me)
  • Affordable (especially considering its short lifespan)
  • Large Enough for the Space (at least 8×10 in my case)

After doing lots of research, I found out that it was more difficult to find a neutral/affordable rug than I expected it to be. I found some contenders, but not without falling in love with a few gorgeous outdoor options that were way outside my price range! Here are some that caught my eye:

Natural Sisal Rug

This rug is definitely a very safe play but that’s not always a bad thing, right? Like the Lowe’s Makeover, this rug would add instant warmth without cluttering the patio with additional color/pattern.  It comes in a 9×12, which I love, but the $342 price tag is not my favorite.

Boho Kilim Rug

Outdoor Rugs at Every Price Point | DIY Playbook

This rug is a bit outside of my comfort zone, but I LOVE the soft colors and subtle pattern. The $400 price tag is more than I want to spend but World Market is running a sale that currently has this outdoor rug on sale for $319, which makes it a tad more affordable. The reviews sound very positive too, which makes the large price tag a little easier to handle.

Braided Rug

This is another safe option but I like the braided detail. It gives the rug a nautical hint and seems very “summer-y” to me.  And this 7×10 rug is currently on sale for $100. Can’t beat that price!

Oversized Plaid Rug

I don’t think this traditional pattern is going to work on my patio, but I had to include this outdoor rug in the round-up because I have never seen anything like this before! It’s actually from Walmart and the 8×11 is on currently on sale for $164 (originally $550!). In the right space, I think this rug could really look amazing!

Oriental Inspired Rug

This tapestry rug is also outside of my typical “look” but I really love the idea of bringing this oriental rug look outdoors. Plus the blue is very light and summer-y. The price on this one is also pretty amazing — a 9×12 for $165!

Neutral Pattern Striped Rug

I love the color of this neutral rug paired with its subtle pattern. The pattern adds instant texture and warmth and would match with just about any outdoor decor! But not only is this 9×12 rug versatile, it’s also a great price at $101.

Diamond Rug

My sister has this diamond rug and I love it! This one is black but it’s available in about 12 colors. The only negative is that it’s pricey at $450 for an 8×10.

Herringbone Rug

I really love the subtle, neutral pattern on this herringbone indoor/outdoor rug. The reviews are great but unfortunately, the $690 price tag for this 8×10 rug is way outside my price range.

Black Geometric Woven Indoor/Outdoor RugOutdoor Rugs at Every Price Point | DIY Playbook

How adorable is this indoor/outdoor rug?! The colors, pattern and fray have me really loving this choice. I would love this choice for indoors or outdoors and the reviews look great! The 8×10 is currently on sale for $319, which isn’t the cheapest option up here but not nearly as expensive as this next one.

Subtle Frayed Edge Outdoor Rug

The light color and subtle fringe on this rug totally caught my eye and made my really love the look of this rug. The only negative is that this style only comes in 2×3, 3×5 and 4×6 so it’s not big enough for my space. The good news is that it may fit yours and only costs $54 for the 4×6, which seems like nothing after hearing about that $1,800 option!

Outdoor Rugs at Every Price Point | DIY PlaybookI’m still pretty torn on which rug is perfect for me, but I’ll definitely keep you posted when I do finally decide. Right now some of my top contenders include the one that’s totally outside of my comfort zone (boho Kilim rug), the gray/black geometric option, and the most plain option up there (the plain jute rug). Talk about three very different looks… and price tags. Maybe once I get the flowers planted and the furniture set up I’ll have more of a vision.

In the meantime, have you guys seen any amazing outdoor rugs? Finding the perfect one without breaking the bank is turning out to be a little harder than I expected. I’d love to check out your favorites before finally buying one!


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