• Tomorrow I Marry My Best Friend…

    Tomorrow I Marry My Best Friend…

    Tomorrow is the big day! Yep, I get to walk down the aisle toward the man of my dreams and say “I do!” I consider you guys to be my friends, and it has been so wonderful sharing our engagement and the wedding planning process with each and every one of you. From the EngagementKeep…

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  • National Women’s Friendship Day

    National Women’s Friendship Day

    To us, good girlfriends are such an important part of life. Sure, it’s nice to have your husband by your side, and to chat with your mom or sisters on a regular basis…but there’s just something about having a girlfriend who “gets it” that makes life so much better. Every girl needs someone with whomKeep…

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  • What to Put on your Wedding Registry

    What to Put on your Wedding Registry

    Long before I ever got engaged, I looked forward to the day when my future husband and I would head to the store and register for all kinds of gorgeous goodies. Of course, we would have a large home that needed to be filled to the brim, along with a well-behaved dog, and a trendyKeep…

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  • Casey’s Wedding Shower: Recap

    Casey’s Wedding Shower: Recap

    Well it’s official. The bachelorette party is over, our wedding shower has come and gone, and now it’s full steam ahead towards 10.11.14…our wedding day! But before we completely immerse ourselves in our final wedding plans, I want to show you guys some highlights from our gorgeous bridal shower. As you know, Bridget is myKeep…

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  • Treasures from our Travels

    Treasures from our Travels

    As September comes a-knocking, we are excited to dive head first into wedding season, pumpkin lattes, cozy sweaters and all things FALL! The end of summer is often bittersweet, but we have every reason to focus on how amazing our summers have been and how grateful we are for the opportunities we have had thisKeep…

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  • Recap: Pretty Muddy Chicago

    Recap: Pretty Muddy Chicago

    These two rookies got down & dirty over the weekend! Here’s a recap of our Pretty Muddy race that we did right here in Chicago…

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  • Casey’s Bachelorette Festivities

    Casey’s Bachelorette Festivities

    Remember a few weeks back, when I had my big “Finn-ale” in Sonoma, California? Well, I’m finally back to share the deets about my oh-so-scandalous bachelorette party… …wait the only thing that was racy at all was that dress of mine, which Bridget teasingly called “white-hot” over the course of the evening. Everything else wasKeep…

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  • Casey’s Custom Wedding Invites

    Casey’s Custom Wedding Invites

    Two months from today, I will walk down the aisle to marry my best friend! I can hardly believe it…October 11th is drawing near and soon I’ll officially be Mrs. Finn. Luckily, the wedding planning process has been smooth sailing so far. We’re both pretty organized people, and we’ve got lots of spreadsheets and excelKeep…

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  • Bridal Shower Invitations

    Bridal Shower Invitations

    (Disclaimer: We have partnered with the Etsy Shop, digibuddha, to bring you Casey’s Bridal Shower Invitations. All opinions shared are our own.) Casey’s getting married in less than 3 months!! After over ten years of dating her handsome high school sweetheart, Casey is taking the plunge and marrying the love of her life (Check outKeep…

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  • 1st Year Anniversary: PAPER Gift Idea

    1st Year Anniversary: PAPER Gift Idea

    Maybe it was the marathon, alllllll the marathon training, the triathlon, the matron of honor duties, the new teaching preps, the two teams she coached, the countless homebound students she tutored in her free time, the conference she hosted, the homework she had to do for her Master’s degree, the trips she took around theKeep…

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  • Our Bachelorette Trip to Sonoma

    Our Bachelorette Trip to Sonoma

    It’s official. These rookies want to pick up our homes and move west to the beautiful town of Sonoma, California. I can just picture it now…we’ll spend our days exploring the gorgeous vineyards, snapping photos of the scenery, all while sipping the delicious local wines. Heck, our blogging may suffer (hard to type accurately whenKeep…

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  • Our Men Tell All!

    Our Men Tell All!

    {Happy Friday!! While the rookies are away celebrating Casey’s last few weeks as a single lady, Matt & Finn are home manning the blog, fielding your questions, and hopefully staying out of trouble! We hope you enjoy hearing from their perspective for a change but we can’t wait to see you back here on Monday!Keep…

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