How to Make a DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl

With the launch of the new site, I created a category called “Do It In A Day“. I love knowing that all of the projects in that category are attainable for just about any DIY’er. Today’s project should be called “Do It In Five Minutes” because that’s how long this project will take you!

Our Backyard

Our backyard makeover reveal

I haven’t talked about our backyard very much since we revealed it last September. So far, we’ve been using it a lot this summer! We go out here with the kids whenever it’s nice out and then, after bedtime, Finn and I spend time out here eating dinner or watching a movie. It really is a wonderful extension of our home.

Our backyard makeover reveal at night

We don’t get tons of mosquitoes back here – we are city dwellers after all – but they do show up sometimes. Finn went on a big tiki torch spending spree last summer and got both these in-ground torches and these tabletop ones. They’re great and help to keep the bugs away, while adding a nice ambiance back here.

While I like the tabletop torches he got, I wanted to take things to the next level with a DIY tabletop fire bowl to act as a centerpiece on our table.

DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl – Supplies

Tiki torch for a DIY tabletop fire bowl

How to Make a DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl

My DIY tabletop fire bowl

I’m not joking when I say that this project will take you less than five minutes. It’s all about gathering the correct supplies ahead of time. If you have any leftover rocks from a landscaping project, then this is a great way to use them up in another project. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any leftovers from our backyard renovation, so I had to buy the rocks for this project.

Choose the Right Planter

Find the right planter with drainage

First, choose the right planter for your DIY tabletop fire bowl. I wanted one that was low and wide and would fit my tiki torch. I scooped this one (similar) up at Home Depot. You want to make sure it has drainage or else water can accumulate in the bottom which will lead to a heavy mess of a bowl.

Add Sand & Rocks

Add sand

Once you have your planter, add sand and your rocks. You could forego the sand and just use all rocks. I added sand because I wanted to use fewer rocks – sand is a lot cheaper – and it made for a good base for my tiki torch.

Adding my tiki torch to my fire table bowl

I wanted the torch sitting a few inches over the top of the lip of the planter, so the sand helped create a solid base for the torch to sit on.

Adding Mexican beach pebbles to my fire bowl

Once I had the sand in, I added my tiki torch to the middle and then added rocks around.

How to make a DIY tabletop fire bowl

I really like these Mexican beach pebbles I found. They’re fairly large and come in all shapes and sizes. Your hardware store should sell bags of various rocks and pebbles, so look around and see what works best with your planter and backyard color scheme.

Fill Your Torch with Fluid

tiki torch fuel

This is the tiki torch fuel we like to use in our backyard. It helps keep the bugs away, which is great, but the best part is that the torches aren’t smokey. I hate when it feels like a bonfire in the backyard, but these have a clean burn without all of the gross smoke. Much better!

Light & Enjoy

My DIY tabletop fire bowl in the backyard

During the day, it looks like a pretty rock centerpiece.

Tabletop rock bowl

Then, at night, it turns into this really pretty and functional fire table bowl. You can simply blow or snuff out the flame when you’re done.

tabletop fire bowl

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on an actual fire pit, but want the look, this is such a great alternative. This didn’t cost me much at all and it is such a pretty addition to our backyard. I’m excited to have friends over and light all of the torches back here.

Backyard Sources

If you need any sources for our backyard, you can find everything in this reveal post. Plus, it has lots of crazy before and after pics. It’s wild how far this space has come in a few years!

Our backyard makeover reveal

Garage Door Color, Benjamin Moore “Blue Note” // Pavers (color “Greyed Nickel”) // Composite Decking (color “Pecan”) // Black Contemporary Railings // Outdoor Dining Table & Chairs // Umbrella // Umbrella Base // Grill // Outdoor Sonos Speakers // Outdoor Sconces // Lounge Chairs // Side Table // Planters // Outdoor TV // Chaise // Sectional // Coffee Table // Palm Print Pillows // Striped Pillows // Landscaping Details // String Lights // White Tray // Sectional Blanket // Solar Lights // Battery-Operated Candles

Happy Summer, Friends!

How to make a DIY tabletop fire bowl

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! I’m excited about a fun summer ahead with many nights out on our patio.


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