DIY Time-Out

DIY Time Out
Casey's Current Favs

1. Up by Jawbone: Finn and I recently purchased these Up bracelets and were are obsessed. Essentially, they’re tools to track your fitness, sleep, mood, etc. They calculate how many steps you take throughout the day, they track your quality of sleep, and you can even enter your food into the iPhone app. It’s incredibly addicting especially since we’re so competitive. The bracelet easily plugs into your iPhone and you can update your progress multiple times throughout the day. We really like them because most of my family has the bracelet too and we can compete with encourage one another and stay connected everyday. It’s a little pricey at $129, but if you’re interested in improving your lifestyle…it might be worth the purchase!

2. Dior Addict Lip Glow: I’m not a big lipstick girl. I just think it looks way too fake on me. That’s why I’m loving this “lip glow” instead. It goes on clear, but within seconds your natural lip color is deepened. It wears differently on different lips, but it is just the right amount of color for everyone!

3. Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System: This little gadget is a lifesaver. It makes my skin look so dewy and glowy. I use it to wash my face and neck in the shower every other day or so. It gets all of my makeup off, and really makes my skin feel (& look!) fresh.

4. Makeup Forever, HD Microfinish Powder: Since I’m on-camera for my day job, I often get asked lots of questions about makeup. Now, I’m no pro and I’ve tried many many different “looks” for the camera. But this powder is the one consistent item in my beauty bag. It’s specifically for high-definition cameras, but it is perfect for the everyday too. I typically put on all of my makeup, and then do a light coating (a little bit goes a long way) of this powder all over my face to finish. It gets rid of any shine, and goes on translucent. If you’re looking for a new powder, this is it. Seriously.

5. The 5 Love Languages, By Gary Chapman: They boy and I are currently making our way through this book. Don’t get me wrong, we have a fantastic relationship! But we also know that every relationship takes hard work, commitment, and most importantly communication! In order to really prepare for marriage, we’re reading this book together. We do a chapter every week, and then do a study guide of questions (found here) every Sunday. It’s a great way to work together to prep for our new life as husband and wife.

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