Laundry Closet Makeover – The Gameplan

When you live in the city, space is often at a premium. So it should come as no surprise that we have no dedicated “laundry room.” Instead we have what I lovingly refer to as our “laundry closet.” And that’s a pretty accurate title, because it is indeed a closet in the middle of our home that contains a stackable washer and dryer.

Before Pic: laundry closet makeover | DIY PlaybookThis laundry closet is located in the middle of our family/dining/kitchen area and isn’t exactly the most glamorous space in the world. It holds our outdated machine, some laundry detergent, our ironing board, and some other random stuff.

Picture before the laundry closet makeover | DIY PlaybookI don’t have HUGE plans for this space, because it really is such a small part of our home and there isn’t that much I can do to make it amazing. But I do have some DIY projects planned to make it a bit better!

New Washer & Dryer

Gameplan includes a new washer & dryer: laundry closet makeover | DIY PlaybookSo this is by far the biggest thing on my makeover list and I’m sooooo excited about it. Our stackable unit is pretty janky and ever since we’ve moved in we’ve been worried it’s going to quit on us. So far that has happened (thank goodness), but any day now that baby is gonna die out. Lucky for us we’re starting a 6-month partnership with Maytag this month and they’ll be providing us with a new stackable unit. Say what?! We are thrilled and cannot wait to get the new unit and give it an honest review for all of you!

Trim out the DoorPlans include trimming out the doors: laundry closet makeover | DIY Playbook

We’re lucky that most of our home already has beautiful thick molding around the closets, baseboards, ceilings, and most doors. However, not all of the closets have trim surrounding them. I’m planning to trim out the doors in our family room so it looks that much more high-end. I’ve never done a project like this, but Bridget assures me we can handle it. Let’s hope so…

Door Upgrade

And updating the doors: laundry closet makeover | DIY PlaybookThose louvered doors are horrible. Seriously so crappy and the worst part…the washing machine is so loud and you can hear it right through those doors. Not the best when you’re watching tv while doing laundry. We plan on repairing the doors: laundry closet makeover | DIY PlaybookWe also want to add new hardware: laundry closet makeover | DIY Playbook

Plus, they’re incredibly worn and one of the corners cracked. I’m planning to get a new wood door, add molding to it, and add a sleek black handle. In the end I’m aiming for a look similar to the doors we DIY’ed for the Lowe’s fall makeover.

OrganizeWe need to organize the space: laundry closet makeover | DIY Playbook

Finally, I’d love to get this space a little more organized. It’s definitely challenging because the machine takes up a majority of the closet, but perhaps I can add a slim rolling rack to the side? Not entirely sure yet, but I’d love some fashionable storage for this space.

We need to organize the space: laundry closet makeover | DIY PlaybookOur new laundry unit will be here any day now, and next week I’m planning to show you all of the awesome features on it. I’ve never had “fancy” laundry before, so I’m pretty pumped!

A stackable unit will help: laundry closet makeover | DIY Playbook

As for everything else on this list, I’m hoping to tackle these upgrades over the next month or so. But with the holidays it may be a little hectic (we’re hosting Thanksgiving this year!) Hopefully I’ll have some time to sneak in a few projects every weekend so I can officially cross our Laundry Closet off our home’s to-do list.

Any other suggestions for this small space? I’d love to get your input!


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